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Intelligent Spam Comments for the blog, article-related comments yet spammy all the way!

  2010-11-01         admin         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates
We already wrote two articles listing some spammy comments - blog spam comments people tried to place on our blog here, and some of them are quite funny - check out the Common Blog Spam and More Funny Comments on our posterous blog. Recently there have been more Intelligent Spam Comments - more "content-related spammy comments", comments that somehow mention / are related to what the article says, but they make no sense completely + the link they point to is either not working or is one of those websites created only for traffic(no content, lots of google adwords, lots of keywords, horrible yet amazing link building, and overall useless for a normal user yet very catchy for the search engines). Of course, we moderate all the comments for our blogs, especially since many of them are simply requests for quotes(and we don't post them online but rather deal with them and send the requested prices) or other practical enquiries / information requests which can be rather dealt with by email. [image via here]

For the sake of "online fun", here are some of these more Intelligent Blog Spam Comments that some particular yet many websites/individuals unsuccessfully tried to place on our blog articles.

  • Hey can I copy and paste this post on my web site? What references must I give? You might give this info for other people too.
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  • It was very interesting for me to read that post. Thanks the author for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.
  • the best display cabinets are always made of steel and glass structure or composite fibers~”"
  • electrical supplies are always available in our local hardware dealer at a discounted price’-~
  • desk lamps that uses compact fluorescent bulbs are much better than those that still uses incandescent lamps~:*
  • gas heaters are great but due to the rising prices of petroleum, perhaps an electric heater might be a cheaper option~*”
  • i use a Revlon RV408 hair dryer for myself and i like it better than Conair.;*
  • well, there are already Light Emitting Diode base floor lamps these days*:`
  • there are also furniture stores that gives lots of discount if you buy in bulk `,.
  • Not all diamond jewelry stores are the same so check reviews first before buying on a jewelry store*~”
  • right now we are using Light Emitting Diode based lamp shades because they consume very low amounts of electricity .
  • outdoor lightings should be energy efficient, that is why we should use compact flurescent lamps or sodium vapor lamps:-.
  • I have a small bathroom, i want to buy an IP44 triple spotlight on a bar, some say zone 1 and some don’t, do it buy it?
  • we always love to decorate our living rooms with bargain decors that we can find on the local store *
  • water heaters can sometimes fail because of over voltages in the power line ::
  • wall mirrors are great for styling your home too. i specially like rounded wall mirrors ”
  • today we have table lamps that are using Light Emitting Diodes which is of course great coz they consume less power ‘
  • the dining rooms should have very elegant dining chairs and dining tables ::
Believe me, you don't even want to know on what articles they tried to put these comments! We do our best to write high quality content with useful information both for the user and for the search engine / interested people, and in our endeavor of establishing a solid presence online certain  individuals work for destroying and undermining everything that is good and beneficial. Of course, this shows strongly that "we're on the right track", or else they wouldn't bother, but - Sorry, we can't be part of their plan / scheme, but we can expose some of their endeavors. They know who they are....

On the other hand, we continue to thank all our visitors and customers that visit us, contact us, and appreciate our blog. What do you think about these spammers? Send us any suggestions / opinions by leaving us a comment or contact us.