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Introducing Airflow QuietAir: the most quiet Extractor Fan for domestic use

  2009-08-04         admin         Product News » Ventilation News
In this article we are introducing the Airflow QuietAir - At last, a fan so quiet that you can hear a Pin Drop while the fan is working! Listed on our website under the Heating and Ventilation - Ventilation - Airflow Extractor Fans, the QuietAir is Sleek, Subtle, and Discreet - the Airflow EcoAir - The QuietAir range. The Quietair from Airflow is a range of elegant, discreet axial fans that are supremely quiet and activate only when they are really needed, using exceptionally low energy. Quietair sets new standards for the reliable, low cost ventilation of toilets, en-suites and bathrooms; and at just 25dB(A) you will hardly hear the fan running, even at night! Low Energy, High Tech!

Airflow QuietAir Key USP's

  • Extremely quiet - Whisper Quiet, only 25 dB(A) at 75m3/hour
  • Ultra Low Energy; High Pressure Development; Extra Safe; Eco-Start Technology
  • Delay start for two minutes avoids unnecessary use (especially at night), and saves energy
  • Power consumption only 5 watts
  • Longlife ball-bearing motor with 40,000 hours life
  • Two speed options, 75m3/hr and 90m3/hr
  • High efficiency impeller for ducted installation
  • Basic switching, timer, humidity and motion sensor versions
  • Innovative “Room Refresh” option for programmable ventilation
  • Eco-Start Technology: 2 minutes, delayed start avoids unnecessary use (not Basic unit)
  • Extra Safe: IP rated, IP45 protection
  • Control Options: Basic Switching, Adjustable Timer, Humidity/Timer and PIR/Timer
  • Low SFP: 0.24 at 75m3/hr and 0.36 at 90m3/hr

Key Features, QuietAir Extractor Fan, ultra-quiet...

  • COMPACT FACIA DESIGN – clips off for ease of cleaning
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY IMPELLER - with removable guide vanes (ceiling ap’s)
  • HIGH PRESSURE – impeller delivers 60m3/hr@31Pa
  • DUCTABLE - up to 12m of rigid ducting with 11 x 90 degree bends
  • BALL BEARING MOTOR - 40,000 hours usage (min) = (4.5 years continuous use)
  • ROOM REFRESH – programmable routine ventilation; (T model) every 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE, extendable to 5 years

Exploded view of the Airflow QuietAir Fans

  1. Fascia
  2. Cover of control board including 2 x fastening screws
  3. Electronic control board
  4. Casing with impeller
  5. Guide vane removable at reduced installation depth
  6. Removable back draught shutter
  7. Cable grommet
  8. Assembly kit: 2 x screws with plugs for wall mounting

Control options - available QuietAir models

Airflow QuietAir QT100B

Airflow QuietAir QT100T

Airflow QuietAir QT100HT

Airflow QuietAir QT100PIR

The QuietAir Advantage: It is as ecologically inappropriate to over ventilate as it is to under ventilate!
Quiet, low energy, elegant design, highly reliable, powerful ducted axial fan with advanced features, outperforming the competition in a modular design for ease of installation and minimal maintenance. This series of QuietAir extractor Fans are Perfect for Social Housing Specification in New Build and Decent Homes! Buy them online via SparksDirect.