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Introducing Forbes and Lomax ranges of Invisible LightSwitch, Unlacquered Brass and Stainless Steel

  2009-08-07         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
To find out more about the Forbes and Lomax ranges of switches and sockets, you can consult the Forbes and Lomax switches, sockets and dimmers, all finishes, all ranges, or the Invisible plate range and pictures, the Unlacquered Brass range, the Antique Bronze range, the Nickel Silver range, the painted socket range, or the stainless steel range.

Established 20 years ago, Forbes & Lomax have from the start approached the electrical accessory market from an aesthetic point of view. In 1988 the elegant glass, nickel and brass switches of the 1930’s were no longer available and the modern equivalents were ugly and unsuitable for the prestigious projects that interior designers were working on at that time. It was with these problems in mind that Forbes & Lomax launched The Invisible Lightswitch, a simple transparent acrylic plate allowing the wallpaper or paint to show through, with a stylish metal toggle switch in the centre. These switches were able to combine an attractive design with all the advantages of modern technology.

To complement the Invisible Lightswitch, a complete range of dimmers and outlets are available to suit the exacting demands of architects and interior designers of both traditional and contemporary persuasion.  Over the years Forbes & Lomax have improved and added to the range, producing high quality switches, sockets and dimmers in a variety of finishes to suit the demands of both traditional and contemporary architects and interior designers as well as the electrical contractors that form the main backbone of our customer base.

With their switches, Forbes & Lomax have pioneered the screwless, flush to the wall plate, creating a very sleek look. As well as the Invisible Lightswitch , the company also offer unlacquered brass, nickel silver, brushed stainless steel and antique bronze switches, all of which are accompanied by a full range of matching outlets. In this article you will find out a little more about these particular finishes, which, by the way, have already been introduced on our blog(see Forbes & Lomax, switches and sockets, etc). New products are constantly being added to the range in order to keep up with customers’ requirements.

Read more about the Invisible LightSwitch(the invisible plate), the Unlacquered Brass range, and the Stainless Steel range below (also: more about the Nickel Silver range, the Antique Bronze range, and the The Painted Socket range).

Forbes and Lomax - the The Invisible LightSwitch, the Invisible Plate range

Inspired by 1930’s glass switches but with all the advantages of modern technology, The Invisible Lightswitch has become synonymous with Forbes & Lomax.

Switches and dimmers have 3mm bevelled transparent acrylic plates which are secured without the use of fixing screws. The plates are flush to the wall and are supplied with brass, nickel silver, stainless steel or antique bronze toggle switches or dimmer knobs and buttons. Invisible outlets with 3mm thick acrylic plates complete the range.

1mm thick inner plates of primed aluminum sit behind the Invisible plates which can be decorated in the same way as the walls, giving the illusion that the wallpaper or paint finish runs seamlessly behind the switchplate.

Read more about the Invisible plate - and see lots of nice pictures of the different wiring devices - online, or buy the Invisible range of wiring devices via SparksDirect.

Forbes and Lomax - The Unlacquered Brass range

The Unlacquered Brass range has a flush to the wall plate that is designed to mellow and tarnish in color with age if left unpolished.

This is particularly suitable for period buildings where a bright brass look might be inappropriate. Alternatively, the plates can be polished to give a shiny look should this be required.

Although more of a traditional finish in its appearance, the variety of Unlacquered Brass products that we have available will meet all the demands of modern living.

Read more about the Unlacquered Brass wiring devices and buy online Unlacquered Brass switches and sockets via SparksDirect.

Forbes and Lomax - The Stainless Steel range

The Stainless Steel range of switches and outlets has brushed stainless steel plates. At only 1.8mm thick the plates sit flush to the wall and suit contemporary interiors or kitchens.

The wide range of socket outlets that we offer include a selection of network and audio visual sockets to suit the needs of the most high-tech installations.

A whole array of fused connections and cooker switches provide all you need to control and power your kitchen appliances.

Read more about the Stainless Steel wiring devices and buy online Stainless Steel switches and sockets manufactured by Forbes and Lomax via SparksDirect.

Read more about the Nickel Silver range, the Antique Bronze range, and the The Painted Socket range of wiring devices, manufactured by Forbes & Lomax.