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Introducing the Aura 100mm / 4inch Low energy Airflow axial fans for bathrooms, toilets, and en-suites

  2010-08-18         admin         Product News » Ventilation News
The Airflow Aura AUE100 low energy fans are a highly reliable and powerful fan range in a modular design for ease of installation & maintenance. This energy saving range of extractor fans is ideal for bathrooms, toilets, en-suites, etc - for either wall or ceiling mounting. The Aura-eco 100 is designed to provide extraction levels that comply with the latest Building Regulations ADF.

Depending on the model of the fan that you choose, the Aura-Econ 100mm / 4 inch fan is manually operated by basic switching (switch not supplied), it can have an adjustable timer overrun, can have a humidity detector, can have a PIR sensor, and can be recessed into wall or ceiling.

Aura AUE100 bathroom fan range - Features

Remember: A healthy indoor environment is an important contributing factor to the wellbeing of both a building and its occupants. Ventilation with fresh air is the most effective means of avoiding problems such as condensation, mould and allergies.
The Aura range of Airflow extractor fans are slim, compact, attractively styled, easy to wipe clean and ducted over short lengths. They are the ideal solution for removing damp moist air, odours and airborne pollutants from toilets and bathrooms.

Application: The Airflow Aura-Eco AUE100 range of fans are ideal for use in toilets, en-suites and bathrooms (energy saving bathroom fans / toilet fans from Airflow).

The Aura 4 inch / 100mm AUE100 Airflow axial fan range

  • The Aura-eco Aura100B - 100mm / 4 inch Low energy axial fan for wall/ceiling, basic switching, Airflow 9041347;
  • The Aura-eco Aura100HT - 100mm / 4 inch Low energy axial fan for wall/ceiling with humidity sensor and timer, Airflow 9041349;
  • The Aura-eco Aura100PRT - 100mm / 4 inch Low energy axial fan for wall/ceiling with PIR sensor and timer, Airflow 9041350;
  • The Aura-eco Aura100T - 100mm / 4 inch Low energy axial fan for wall/ceiling with adjustable timer, Airflow 9041348.