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Introducing the BG Nexus White Moulded Switched Universal Socket for hotels, holiday homes, etc

  2010-08-04         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
Besides the regular/normal/common switches and sockets provided by BG in their Nexus Moulded White range, there is a specific range called "Export Socket Outlets". One of this is the BG Nexus 827 - a switched universal socket, single gang, single pole. The subtle design of this range will blend with any décor - this socket is suitable for domestic or commercial applications. With a stylish modern profile and covers to conceal the fixing screws, this particular model - the BG Nexus 827 Universal Socket - can take virtually any kind of plug(European plugs, UK standard plugs, Australian plugs, American plugs, Asian plugs, etc). It is the perfect solution for hotels, holiday homes, guest rooms, hotel rooms, flats, properties abroad, venues/rooms in hotels, places where foreign people are visiting/lodging, etc.

BG Nexus White Moulded Switched Universal Socket 827

  • Part of the BG Nexus Moulded White range;
  • Universal socket: can take virtually any plug;
  • Switched socket: switched universal plastic socket;
  • Rating: 13Amp, 10AX inductive rated;
  • Single socket: 1 gang, 1 pole socket;
  • The subtle design will blend with any décor - suitable for domestic or commercial installations.
  • Accepts BS, USA & CEE plugs;
  • Terminal capacity: 3 x 2.5mm², 3 x 4mm², 2 x 6.0mm²;
  • Socket Size: 86mm x 86mm x 32mm;
  • Fixing Centres: 60.3mm;
  • Universal socket, also an export socket;
  • Stylish modern profile;
  • Covers to conceal fixing screws;
  • Colour coded terminals for easy installation;
  • Colour coded terminals with backed out captive screws for easy installation;
  • Minimum mounting box depth: 35mm.
  • Manufacturer's guarantee: up to 30 years;
  • Buy online the BG Nexus White 827 Universal Socket.
BG Nexus has an eye for combining superior quality with stunning good looks - and in the case of the 827 Universal Socket, it works out amazingly! To purchase this switched socket online, visit the BG Nexus White under Switches and Sockets / White Plastic Finish.