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Introducing the Classy Soprano range of Outdoor Lights from Astro

Introducing the Classy Soprano range of Outdoor Lights from Astro

  2012-08-14         sparksdirect         Product News » Lighting News

We have recently stumbled upon this new range of outdoor lights from Astro Lighting, the Soprano Wall Lights and Bollards.

They are distinct from other light fittings, coming in a rounded shape at both ends for the wall fittings and at the top only for the bollard.

The Soprano wall lights for exterior use come in a silver or black finish, and they are low energy solutions for both home and office use.

Small in size and having a lovely inclination angle, these fittings offer downlight for exterior. Due to their IP44 rating they can also be considered as garden wall lights.

Black or Silver Exterior Wall Light

The Soprano Wall Lights from Astro Lighting comes in a silver or black finish - they call it, painted black / painted silver - and they incorporate a contemporary style.

These particular fittings use a GX53 9W light bulb, which makes them energy saving fittings. They not only offer discreet light and are earthed, but they help you save energy!

Outdoor Wall Lights with PIR

Part of the Soprano range of contemporary wall fittings there are two models which come with a PIR sensor integrated.

This means that these particular fittings not only help you save energy but they also come on ONLY when the presence is detected in their radius of operation.

Soprano Bollard Light

Unfortunately the bollard light in this range comes only in a black finish, but we hope they may come out with the silver version also soon. It is max. 485mm tall and has the same stylish features as the wall fittings, including the energy saving properties.
Note: do not confound the Astro Lighting Soprano outdoor lights with the Sopranos TV drama show ;) We are simply talking about a new range of outdoor fittings from Astro.