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Introducing the CP Electronics MRT16-PC Pull Cord multi-range Time Delay Switch(lighting, heating, ventilation)

  2010-12-17         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
The CP Electronics MRT16 series of time delay switches are designed to provide timed control of lighting, heating or ventilation loads. Using push button(the MRT16-PB), touch (light press required, the MRT16-WP), pull cord or remote activation(the MRT16-PC), the user can switch on a load for a preset time period and have the load turn off automatically after the time period has elapsed. Multiple timing ranges come as standard to allow the time out period to be set accurately. Time setting is achieved using switches and a thumbwheel at the rear of the unit.

As the CP Electronics MRT16PC timer has been designed for general purpose loads, a Neutral feed is required at the switch position. This will allow the timer to be used on various applications from incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting to heating and ventilation loads. In particular for the MRT16-PC time lag switch, this is a pull-cord activation switch with optional external trigger.

General features of the MRT16 Time Lag Switches

  • Used for General Purpose Loads up to 3KW;
  • Adjustable Timing Range between 1 second and 2 hours;
  • Compatible with 20mm deep single gang BS accessory plate;
  • Resistive load up to 16amp;
  • Slave activation available;
  • Pull cord activation with optional external trigger;
  • Purchase the CP Electronics MRT16 range of Time Lag Switches: # The CP Electronics MRT16PC - Pull Cord Timer, Time Lag, For Heat or Light; # The CP Electronics MRT16PB - Push Time Lag switch for heat, light, ventilation; # The CP Electronics MRT16WP - IP66 16A Multi Range Waterproof Timer delay switch;

The modes of operation selectable using the MRT16-PC pull-cord switch

  • On/off: triggering the timer will turn on the load and start the timing. Triggering the timer again during timing will immediately turn off the load and stop the timing.
  • Resetting: triggering the timer will turn on the load and start the timing. Triggering the timer again during timing will re-start the timing period from scratch. When using an external trigger In this mode, the timer will not start until the trigger is removed making it ideal for pump or fan overrun applications.
  • Non-resetting: triggering the time will turn on the load and start the timing. Triggering the timer again during timing will have no affect.

MRT16-PC Pull Cord Switch Technical Features

  • Loads Taken: - 16 Amp resistive load; - 10 Amp incandescent lighting; - 6 Amp fluorescent lighting; - 3 Amp compact fluorescent lighting; - 3 Amp low energy lighting; - 3 Amp low voltage lighting (switch primary of transformer); - Fluorescent lighting (max 6 fittings recommended); - For fluorescent lighting total power factor correction capacitance must not exceed 40microF; - 3 Amp fans and ventilation equipment; - Switch SON lighting loads via a contactor;
  • Supply Voltage: 220-240 Volts AC 50 Hz;
  • Timing Period: Adjustable 1 second to 2 hours in ranges;
  • Fixing Method: - Surface fixing 25mm deep plastic surface mount moulded box; - Flush fixing 25mm steel wall box or 32mm deep cavity wall box;
  • Terminal Capacity: 4.0mm2;
  • Material: Flame retardant ABS;
  • Class 2 Electrical rated;
  • Temperature: -10°C to 35°C;
  • Conformity: EMC-89/336/EEC, LVD-73/23/EEC.
  • More technical details about the CP Electronics MRT16PC(pdf files);
  • Similar device: the CP Electronics MRT16-PB push button;
  • Buy online the CP Electronics MRT16-PC pull cord time lag switch.