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Introducing the GIPDC, a Green-I Presence Detection Switch and No Neutral PIR, single presence detection switch

  2010-11-05         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
The Green-I GIPDC Presence Detector Switch is a wall mounted presence detection switch - a Movement Sensing Switch from CP Electronics, part of the green-i range of energy saving devices. Excellent Domestic Energy Saving Controls from CP Electronics - this Green-I GIPDC Presence Detection Switch is compatible with all lamp types. This switch with presence detection is a good replacement for any switch in the house - save the energy and save time by installing a switch that automatically turns on when you get into the room!

The CP Electronics GIPDC is a stylish digital switch which automatically senses movement and turns power on and off to save energy. It switches any type of Load: Use the remote control handset to turn the switch on and off, dim up and down, set scenes for mood lighting and access the switch functions. Also, the green-i GIPDC Presence Detection Switch can be used as a switch for lighting, heating or ventilation(max. 10 Amps). The Green-I range of switches and dimmers from CP Electronics is a good way to replace the old switches and dimmers with something more modern, energy saving, and not so time consuming!

Remember: Each green-i switch is supplied with a white fascia. Brushed bronze and stainless steel effect fascias are available separately.

The Green-I GIPDC Presence Detector Switch Main Functions

  • Presence detection: Auto on/Auto off facility – After sensing no presence, the lights automatically switch off. Optional automatic switch on when presence detected;
  • Interchangeable fascias: Supplied with a set of white, brushed bronze and brushed stainless steel effect fascias. Available separately;
  • Security mode: Can be programmed to automatically turn on lights for a set number of hours then switch off;
  • Fully compatible: Works with any type of bulb so ideal as replacement for your existing switch;
  • Switches any type of load: Can be used as a switch for lighting, heating or ventilation equipment. (Max 10 Amps);
  • 2 way circuit: Can be used with an extra movement sensor switch for two way switching;
  • Lux level sensing: Adjustable lux sensors will keep the lighting switched off if there is sufficient natural light;
  • Green-I Switch Compatibility: max. 10A for Low Voltage Halogen, Halogen, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, and 2D Fluorescent;
  • Time Delay: 1min to 30mins;
You can now purchase online the GIPDC green-i presence detection switch - energy saving switch for interior wall mounting! Soon, more and more Energy Saving Solutions from CP Electronics via the Occupancy Detectors and Switches section.