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Introducing the Green-I GI2DC double dimmer switch, energy saving 2G intelligent dimmer

  2010-11-18         admin         Product News » Switches and Sockets News
Remember the CP Electronics energy saving dimmers - the Green-I GI2DPC and the Green-I GIDPC? This range of intelligent dimmer switches from CP Electronics, part of the green-i range, are with presence / absence detector incorporated. As for the green-i GI2DC double dimmer, this particular model has all the intelligent features of the other dimmers minus the presence detector. Of course, the green-i GI2DC double dimmer can also be used with the remote control(available separately, when being used, it makes the green-i GI2DC dimmer a remote-controlled dimming system for home/office). The green-i GI2DC energy saving dimmer is the "big brother" of the Green-I GI1DC single dimmer for wall mounting.

Do you desire different scenes for your different moods / ideas? You have up to four programmable scenes to which you can switch just like that. Another cool thing about the green-i GI2DC double dimmer is that, besides monitoring two light circuits, it also has a green LED ring for ease of being located at night.
Read more below about all the amazing features of the Green-I Double Dimmer GI2DC switch, 2G wall mounted dimmer, remote control compatible.

The Amazing Features of the Green-I GI2DC Dimmer

  • Double dimmer: Dimmer control for two lighting circuits from the same switch;
  • Digital dimmer: Top button - Short press turns lights on, long press lights dim up. Bottom button - Short press turns lights off, long press lights dim down;
  • Remote control: Can be operated via a remote control handset to turn on and off, dim up and down, set scenes and access the switch functions. Available separately;
  • Interchangeable fascias: Supplied with a set of white, brushed bronze and brushed stainless steel effect fascias. Available separately;
  • Security mode: Can be programmed to automatically turn on lights for a set number of hours then switch off;
  • Night light mode: Lights will remain on at a very low level to help children settle at night;
  • Stylish green LED ring: Helps to locate the switch in the dark and the brightness of the soft green glow can be set to suit your room;
  • Four programmable scenes: Ideal for setting mood lighting and easy to set using the remote control handset;
  • Adjustable dimmer fade speed: The speed of the on/off dimming feature can be set using the remote control;
  • 2 way circuit with slave terminal: Can be used with an extra light switch (not second dimmer) for two way switching;
  • Load Rating at 230VAC: # Low Voltage Halogen - min. 60W, max. 300W per channel; # Incandescent - min. 60W, max. 300W per channel(the transformer needs to be suitable for lead edge dimming);
  • Time Delay: 1 minute to 30 minutes;
  • More technical details about the green-i GI2DC double dimmer(pdf file);
  • Buy online this innovative green-i GI2DC 2G Dimmer switch.