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Introducing the Hager Marshalling Boxes, the Klik LDS(klik lighting distribution system) features

  2010-09-21         admin         Product News » Lighting News
Besides the Consumer units for Domestic or Industrial use, Hager has a wide popular range of Marshalling boxes - KLDS - the Hager Klik LDS range. The klik connector system brings plug-in convenience and versatility for lighting. It is a unique modular plug and socket interface that provides simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection in one click-in action. Luminaires can be plugged in, in seconds, in absolute safety, without circuit isolation. All live contacts are inaccessible and the earthing connection is made before any other.

The Klik Marshalling Boxes advantages

Hager Marshalling Boxes Technical data

  • Complies with BS5733;
  • Main terminal capacity 5 x 4mm2;
  • Flexible conductor capacity 1 x 1mm2;
  • Main terminals rated 16 Amp, each socket outlet rated 6 Amp, flexible conductor terminals rated at 10Amp;
  • Aluminium extruded body;
  • All socket outlets factory connected and tested;
  • All plastic ‘V0’ rated;
  • Socket outlets accept either klik lighting (3 pin) plugs, klik AX (4 pin) plugs and klik pre-wired leads;
  • Cable entries will accept 20mm or can be drilled out to 25mm;
  • Self-retained cover screw;
  • More technical data from Hager - the Klik LDS range;
  • Buy online the Klik LDS marshalling boxes.

Quick Klik Marshalling Boxes Tips

  1. Suspended: Klik can be hung from the ceiling suspension system via drop rod and Caddy ClipsTM. Caddy clip is a registered trade mark of Erico Europa (GB) Ltd.
  2. Terminal cover: Compact dimensions allow for installation in confined ceiling voids. The terminal cover easily slides off from the front facilitating KLDS usage in confined spaces.
  3. Socket outlets: Each socket outlet will accept 3 or 4 pin plugs.
  4. Dual switching: Single or dual switching capability can be selected via a copper link. Use of this link will switch all outlets as one circuit or remove it to control two lighting circuits from one LDS unit.
  5. Terminal blocks: A separate terminal block is provided for connection of flexible cords. In line with wiring regulations large barriers between terminals provide segregation.

The klik lighting distribution system - the Hager Klik Marshalling Boxes

Buy online the Klik Marshalling Boxes manufactured by Hager - via the Electric Items section on our website. You can also find out more about the Hager 17th Edition consumer units and the Hager Industrial Consumer Units - the Invicta 3 range of distribution boards.