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Introducing the Illuma Floodlline High Output single circuit track T5 wallwasher display lights

  2010-03-12         admin         Product News » Lighting News
One of the latest additions to the Illuma catalogue, the Illuma Floodline HO(high output) is a 1-circuit track mounted wall washer display light. Quoting The Manufacturer,
lluma is on a permanent quest to create the best impact with its lighting schemes. Staying at the cutting edge of a market like this means responding to the challenge of being able to introduce a steady stream of new and exciting products to the marketplace. Floodline HO is one of the latest, designed to take the traditional concept of floodlighting on to the next level. It offers the perfect blend of energy efficiency, long lamp life and uniformity in a sleek, low profile housing.

Floodline HO integrates the latest generation of ultra-compact, linear fluorescent lamps that are four times more efficient than halogen. A computer-designed reflector maximises the optical efficiency and produces exceptional, uniform illumination of perimeter walls and displays. It incorporates the latest electronic ballast for maximum energy efficiency and quiet operation and offers a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours.

A high intensity track light ideal for art galleries and shops/offices(or other commercial areas that need clear highlighting), the Floodline HO(high output) from Illuma is one of the latest innovations, designed to take the traditional concept of floodlighting on to the next level. It is installed on a 1-circuit track system, and can be ordered in different lengths(see at the end of this article) and intensities. Also, the Illuma Floodline fluorescent fittings can rotate up to 90degrees, so that it highlights a wide area; it can also be moved alongside the track, if you decide you want to highlight another area.

Illuma Floodline HO WallWasher T5 Lamps - Features

  • Compact profile, high output, T5 wallwasher which is ideal for even illumination of vertical surfaces;
  • Excellent for displays which require good colour rendering;
  • Wide, uniform beam for optimum light output;
  • Ideal for wall-washing and display lighting in a variety of interior applications;
  • Three wattages; electronic gear; track-mounted;
  • Standard versions are for use with Illuma 1- circuit track; versions for use with other track can be made to order;
  • Can be tilted up to 90* to the vertical to direct light where it is wanted;
  • The Floodline HO (high output) low-profile luminaires have been designed for energy-efficient lighting;
  • Spring-loaded lampholders with 90° rotary lock allow for lamp tolerances;
  • F-marked: suitable for direct mounting on flammable surfaces;
  • Guaranteed for five years;
  • White Floodline HO Luminaire with Electronic Control Gear for 2 x 24W T5 Lamps, and Switched Track Adaptors for 1-Circuit Track;
  • They are ideal for the even illumination of perimeter walls, and for washing displays with light with a high colour rendering;
  • Easy installation and removal from track;
  • The adaptor locks the spotlight positively to the track and incorporates a switch for individual switching;
  • Louvre removes easily for lamp change;
  • Lamp description: T5 is designed for high lumen output in smaller fittings.

Illuma Floodline High Output - Materials Used

  • Body: Extruded Aluminium;
  • Reflector: Aluminium;
  • Lampholder: Polycarbonate;
  • Louvre: Steel;
  • Track Adaptor: Moulded Polycarbonate;
  • Finish: Powder Coated;
  • Control Gear: Electronic.

Illuma Floodline HO models available

  • Illuma T37T2X24/S - Illuma Floodline T5 Wall Washer 1-circuit Track Fitting, wattage: 2 x 24W, length: 686mm;
  • Illuma T37T2X39/S - Illuma Floodline T5 Wall Washer 1-circuit Track Fitting, wattage: 2 x 39W, length: 984mm;
  • Illuma T37T2X54/S - Illuma Floodline T5 Wall Washer 1-circuit Track Fitting, wattage: 2 x 54W, length: 1286mm;