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Introducing the Steinel sensor-switched halogen floodlights, Steinel Outdoor PIR HS150W floodlight

  2010-09-07         admin         Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates
The Steinel sensor-switched halogen floodlights are the ideal solution when it comes to the illuminating the front of buildings, the driveways and the vulnerable spots with particularly bright light. The vigilant floodlights are factory-fitted with bulbs of different ratings ranging from 150 to 500 watts.  They automatically pick out special features, welcome guests and frighten off unwanted visitors.  Ranging from the low-price Fresnel lens light HS 5140 to the microprocessor controlled hi-tech floodlight HS 500, the STEINEL line-up offers just the right model for any application.  The Steinel HS 150 and Steinel HS 300 in particular are equipped with a ceramic reflector.

Basic Features of the Steinel HS150 range

The detection zone can be adjusted exactly to the requirements at the site of installation by means of the tilting and swivelling the multi-lens (in the case of the Steinel HS 150 DUO, Steinel HS 300 DUO, Steinel HS 500 DUO) or Fresnel lens (HS 5140) and can be limited using the shrouds provided. Easy adjustment of light "ON" duration and twilight threshold by control dial.

The halogen floodlight housing of the Steinel HS150 range can be tilted from +110° to -40° and swivelled through ±40°. This permits optimum illumination even in situations where installation is awkward.

  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 215 x 155 x 170 mm;
  • Output: 150 W max;
  • Voltage: 230 – 240 V / 50 Hz;
  • Angle of coverage: 240° with 180° angle of aperture;
  • Adjustment range: 80° horizontally, 150° vertically;
  • Reach: 12 m max. (temperature-stabilised);
  • Twilight setting: 2 – 2000 lux;
  • Time setting: 10 sec. – 15 min;
  • Enclosure: IP44 rated(can be safely used outdoors);
  • Protection class: class I rated;
  • Lamp: this PIR is Including the 150W bulb (R7S halogen bulb);
  • Models available - Steinel HS150: - the Steinel HS150W, white outdoor PIR halogen floodlight; - the Steinel HS150B, black outdoor PIR halogen floodlight;
  • Buy online the Steinel HS 150 range of 150W outdoor PIR halogen floodlights.
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