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Introducing the TimeGuard DS1 Electronic Time Delay Switch, single push button delay switch

  2010-08-09         admin         Product News » Lighting News
The Time Lag Switches / Time Delay Switches are an excellent help in the endeavor of reducing the energy consumption. The principle of the time lag switch is that you don't need the light on all the time - it will stay on only for a specified interval of time once you press the switch. If there is a corridor / staircase, you need the light on just for the duration of someone's passing by, right? So all you need is a Time Delay Switch that turns on the light for a determined period of time. The Time Lag Switches replace the regular switches, offering you a "green solution" / energy saving solution for your light switching needs. This particular model, the TimeGuard DS1 Electronic Time Delay Switch (2 Wire) is a single gang push button delay switch with centre button neon. The "lights ON" times are adjustable from 10 seconds to 10 minutes approx. via a tamperproof potentiometer setting. Set the time interval for the Lights On period with the help of the potentiometer - and make sure that you don't have the light on all the time in the places / venues / corridors where you don't need!

The TimeGuard DS1 Time Delay Switch - Features

  • 2 wire connection – Neutral not required;
  • Neon button highlights switch in dark areas;
  • Replaces any conventional single gang (ON/OFF) light switch;
  • Adjustable light ON times from 10 seconds to 10 minutes approx. via a tamperproof potentiometer;
  • For use with incandescent lighting up to 1.5kW and 20-200W of low voltage lighting (not suitable for fluorescent and low energy lighting);
  • Model no: Timeguard DS1 Time Lag Switch;
  • Switch Type: Single or Double Gang;
  • Permissible Loads: Filament Lamps 1.5kW, Low Voltage 20 – 200W;
  • Adjustable Time Delay Approx: 10 sec to 10 min;
  • Operating Voltage: 230V AC;
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 40ºC;
  • Conforms To Directives: 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC;
  • Dimensions: Height 86mm, Width 86m, Depth 20mm;
  • Min Box Depth: 16mm;
  • More details about the Time Lag Switches;
  • Buy online the TimeGuard DS1 Time Delay Switch via
Read more about the presence detectors and the absence detectors, the energy saving switching/dimming presence detector types, and the CP electronics Time Lag Switches. As for the above introduced TimeGuard DS1 Time Delay Switch, you can find it on our website under the Energy Management solutions, the Time Lag Switches - DS1 Time Lag Switch.