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Introducing the Varilight Wiring Devices and the Varilight Ranges available

  2010-04-15         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
VARILIGHT is the brand name of Doyle and Tratt Products Ltd., a leading British manufacturer of dimmer switches and decorative wiring accessories. Established in 1973, they have benefited from many years of experience to become leaders in the field of wiring devices manufacturing.  The Varilight products have gained an international reputation for quality, style and value. Also, Varilight is a proud winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (2006), in the category of Continuous Innovation.

Queen’s Award for Enterprise VARILIGHT

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise (2006) awarded to Varilight is in recognition of their continuous innovation. Innovative technical solutions give products the edge. Their patented overload protection system is a cost effective solution that even their entry-level dimmers can benefit from. With more sophisticated overload protection and soft start, the Varilight microprocessor controlled intelligent dimmers are available with rotary, touch or remote control dimming. The Varilight range is diverse and even includes security dimmers that simulate occupancy while you are out and nursery dimmers that can be set to gently dim the lights in a child’s bedroom to a low glow at bedtime. The latest technological breakthrough has enabled Varilight to produce the world’s first truly dimmable compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). An exceptional energy-saving performance can be achieved by combining our CFL and dimmer.

Read below more about the ranges of wiring accessories from Varilight: The Varilight White Dimmers, The Varilight Ultraflat range, the Varilight Dimension Screwless, the Varilight Premium White Screwless, the Varilight Classic ranges, and the Varilight Kilndwood.

The Varilight White Dimmers

The advantage of the Varilight technology in advanced dimming circuitry and design with cost-effective white plastic in a variety of styles including remote control and touch sensitive dimmers. This range is composed of very intelligent dimming devices in White Finish.

Many of the Varilight White Touch Dimmers are found on website at Other Dimmers & Dimming Systems.

The Varilight Ultraflat

With super-slim faceplates the Varilight Ultraflat range offers a sleek sophisticated look that will enhance traditional and modern interiors alike. The people at Varilight understand that details matter so they have paired metal faceplates with coordinated metal switch rockers, toggles and control knobs.

Available finishes for this range: Brushed Steel, Brushed Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, and Iridium Black.

The Varilight Dimension Screwless

For the ultimate in style choose the low profile Varilight Dimension Screwless range of metal accessories with coordinated metal switch rockers, toggles and control knobs. A flawless finish is created by clip-on faceplates that hide the fixing screws and make decorating simpler too.

Available finishes for this range: Brushed Steel, Brushed Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, and Iridium Black.

The Varilight Premium White Screwless

The Varilight Premium White range features low profile, high gloss white faceplates coupled with polished chrome switch rockers, toggles and control knobs for minimalist style with a contemporary twist. The clean lines of the range are enhanced by clip-on faceplates to keep the fixing screws out of sight.

The Varilight Classic ranges in three timeless plate styles

The Varilight Classic ranges come in several plate styles. The Varilight Rope edge brass plate has an enduring elegance that compliments classic interiors while the Varilight Bevel and Curve edge plates come in a range of finishes to suit any interior design scheme. You can choose from black, white or coordinated metal switch rockers in any of the Varilight Classic ranges. A wide choice of finishes is available for this plate: Georgian Brass, Victorian Brass, Mirror Chrome, Satin Chrome, Matt Chrome, Iridium Black, Graphite 21, Antique Georgian, Pewter Finish.

The Varilight Kilnwood range

The Varilight traditional range of quality inserts mounted on a range of solid hardwood plates. Manufactured from the highest quality natural woods, all materials used are supplied from sustained forestry.

Beautiful fittings and lovely finishes, right? Well, on our website we have mainly the Varilight Dimmers and Dimming Systems, smart dimmers for indoor use, but most of these can be ordered / asked for from us in special cases. We will soon come back with more details about the Varilight Dimmers.