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The Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Lamp will Work for Almost Forty Years!

The Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Lamp will Work for Almost Forty Years!

  2013-03-20         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a proper research and development in the LED technology industry, and the people at Jake Dyson have come up with a high end gadget-style task LED lamp that will work for almost forty years! In their own words, ...

After a period of intense research and development, the Jake Dyson Lighting Design team honed in on the following features which they believe are key to producing a high performance LED task light and answer the technical requirements of consumers and industry alike.

Note: this light fitting/s are no longer available at Sparks; you can see the existing LED table lamps here.

Flexibility & Precision

Jake Dyson - Flexibility & PrecisionInspired by the construction crane and drawing board the CSYS Task can be adjusted effortlessly in three axes to allow exact, stable positioning.

Setting the LED head close to the working area allows focused illumination, whilst raising it creates a wide, even pool of light.

The mechanics are designed with precision to ensure a smooth accurate movement and positioning.

Light Distribution

The CSYS Task light produces a bright, clear and even pool of warm, white light.

The spread and intensity of light can be controlled within your working area.

Unwanted spill is eliminated and its optical design minimises hot-spots and the opportunity for glare.

In addition, the refined and compact structure of the light source means that it is not obtrusive when positioned in your line of sight.

Bright LED Light

Constant acceleration in LED development poses a real challenge for manufacturers to keep up and best implement these new technologies.

The fully dimmable CSYS Task is designed around the latest generation of high power warm white LEDs.

Heat Pipe Technology

Jake Dyson - Heat Pipe Technology

Heat pipe technology was developed for use in satellites and is now most commonly used to help cool microprocessors. The primary role of a heat pipe is to conduct heat away from its source.

The heat pipe within the CSYS Task conducts heat away from the LEDs and distributes it evenly over the length of the heat sink.

It uses no external pumps or extra energy to cool the LEDs and is instrumental in keeping the CSYS Task running brightly and efficiently for 37+ years.

LED Sustainability

Effective temperature control is essential to prevent early life failure as it is proven that excessive temperatures reduce the performance of LEDs leading to a shorter life span, reduced efficiency and disturbance in colour. T

he cooler the LED, the longer the life. To achieve maximum efficiency, a heat sink must utilise the entire surface area to discharge heat.

Incorporating the heat sink within the CSYS as a structural element of the product, utilises its entire surface area to discharge heat evenly.

The LEDs in the CSYS Task are run at just 30 degrees above room temperature to give a 160,000+ hours life and stable performance. The CSYS Task is 5 times more energy efficient than a comparable halogen bulb.

This fitting is what the good people at Jake Dyson specify concerning their amazing LED task lamps (table lamps, desk lights, etc).

The above is what the good people at Jake Dyson specify concerning their amazing LED task lamps (table lamps, desk lights, etc). You can purchase the CSYS Task range at Sparks Electrical in White or Black.