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learning to pin with the Pinterest Marketing for Dummies Cheatsheet

learning to pin with the Pinterest Marketing for Dummies Cheatsheet

  2012-09-17         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates

Among one of the more interesting yet short articles we recently read on the social media tips, we stumbled upon the, Pinterest Marketing For Dummies (by Kelby Carr, via dummies.com).

We pin on and off, especially when we remember it or when we get some unexpected visitors from there or... when we remember it.

But via this "cheat sheet" you can get some of the "etiquette" for Pinterest marketing.

There are some power users on Pinterest, and there are way too many marketers. How can you pin something in a regular way without being despised, rejected, or flagged as a "broadcaster" and "awful marketer"?

What's the Pinterest Etiquette for Marketing?

We have unfollowed several users on Pinterest, even though they pin interesting things, simply because they over-promote themselves, they pin hundreds of pictures at a time, and they never recognize the source.

It's good to avoid the self-promoting and rather pin a wide range of interesting pictures, including from those you follow.

When someone follows you on Pinterest it is not only polite but also very good to follow back - many times we don't follow people simply because they have >10K followers and they follow 30 or 40!

It's good to have a two-way street, right? And it's good to interact and have fun - in a proper way - while pinning.

Note: one may have a lot of fun pinning pictures he doesn't own or take, but in the end trouble overtakes him and then the fun is over!

What's the Buzz on Pinterest about Sparksdirect?

People google themselves, search for themselves on twitter, and even bing themselves (because Facebook's search engine is plain rubbish).

But we just found out that you can check out what do people share from your website on Pinterest! Here's what people we didn't hear of but now we thank share from our website at sparksdirect.co.uk!

You can search by company name and industry, or you can do a plain search on google with "site:http://pinterest.com" and then the search term and your company name.

And if you're even more into this, you can "be alerted by email when someone posts about you!" with google alerts. Still, take it easy with this - there are enough narcissists out there!

When do you FIND THE TIME to Pin?

That's the question: when do you find the time to Pin on Pinterest, especially when your business is not online-driven but it is so much in the physical realm? Well, just as with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, it is good to have a dedicated time during the day (or a few days a week) to pin, re-pin, and check out what's going on.
Tip: use the power of mobile when you travel by downloading and fully using the Pinterest mobile app when you wait for the bus, travel by train or tube, etc. Tip 2: integrate the Pinterest goodies on the website! Let others pin your content and when you visit others' websites make sure you also pin them!
Enough about Pinterest for now. I mean, visit us and follow us at SparksDirect on Pinterest, and give us some "likes" + repins :) and we will definitely follow back and interact with you. Now it's time to practice. And if you want to know more, read the "pinterest marketing cheatsheet" via dummies.com.
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