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Living together safely(1) - Electrical Tips and simple rules for avoiding electrical shock/fire hazards

  2010-09-13         admin         Safety » Electrical Safety
Further to our articles on the simple rules for electrical safety in homes, the electrical safety in the kitchen, the electrical safety while using extension leads and adaptors, and the electrical safety for those living in rented accommodations, here are some more ESC recommended simple rules that people in general need to abide by in order NOT to have any fire hazards or any electrical shocks(read the second part of these simple electrical tips).

  • Never leave drinks or other liquids on or near electrical appliances such as a TV. If spilt, the liquid could drip into the appliance which in turn could cause a fire, as well as giving you an electric shock.
  • Never retrieve a toast stuck in a toaster whilst it is plugged in, and especially not with a metal knife - there are often live parts inside.
  • Don't leave mobile phones on charge for prolonged periods of time as chargers can overheat and could cause a fire.
  • Don't leave TVs, video and DVD players and music systems on standby. By switching off all appliances when not in use you will not only save money on your electricity bill and conserve energy, but you will also reduce the risk of an electrical fire.
  • Don't overload sockets by plugging in more than one piece of electrical equipment at a time as this could cause overheating. If you do not have enough sockets and need to use an adaptor, use a bar adaptor which does not put pressure on the contacts in the socket.
  • Always make sure that straighteners are switched off and unplugged when not in use, left in a safe place and that the cable is not wouldn't around the straighteners. This will reduce the risk of electrical fire. Take care when using straighteners as they can get hot very quickly and increase the risk of the user suffering burns.
  • Never drill holes or fix nails into walls or partitions without knowing what is hidden behind them. Walls and partitions conceal electrical cables and gas and water pipes. A cable and metal detector will help identify the presence of concealed cables and metal pipes.
Most of these rules are so simple and obvious that we all know them and spontaneously abide by them. Still, we need to be reminded again about them. Check out the continuation of this post - the second part of these simple rules regarding the Electrical Safety at home - living together safely!