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Low Voltage track lights Trac12 in shops/display, Mark Track 12V application in restaurants

  2010-01-25         admin         Product News » Lighting News
To continue the series of displaying the pictures of Illuma Track Lights/Spot lights applications, today we have some nice pictures of the Illuma Low Voltage Track Lights, especially the Illuma Trac12 Low Voltage Tracks(fully introduced online via the Illuma Trac12 miniature tracks and the Trac12 system composition) and the Illuma Low Voltage Mark Track(fully introduced via the Illuma MarkTrack low voltage tracks and the Mark Track components + packs). Check out below some of the applications of the Illuma Trac12 - low voltage track lights in shops and display lighting - and the Illuma Mark Track - low voltage display lighting in restaurants.

Illuma Trac12 Low Voltage Track Lights in Showroom / Shops / Display Lighting

Illuma Low Voltage Track Lights, Illuma MarkTrack Applications in Restaurants and Bars

To buy online the Illuma Track Lights, visit the Spotlights & Track Systems section on our website - Illuma MarkTrack and Illuma Trac12 range of low voltage lights. Would you like to see other Illuma TrackLights applications? Check out the: