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Lutron Grafik Eye QS - a Highly Advanced Lighting Control System

Lutron Grafik Eye QS - a Highly Advanced Lighting Control System

  2012-10-18         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

The Grafik Eye QS is a whole-building lighting control system designed by Lutron, who have been manufacturing high-quality systems since 1961. This is an upgrade to the original (and very popular) Grafik Eye 3000.

Lutron Grafik Eye QS - a Highly Advanced Lighting Control System

The QS model offers wireless interconnectivity for greater flexibility over RS232, Ethernet, and CCI protocols - as well as a much easier installation.

This system also offers direct control and programming of standard DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) ballasts and devices. But the greatest advantage offered by this latest system is the potential energy savings of up to 60% (manufacturer's estimate).

Total Lighting Control

The Grafik Eye systems are incredibly user-friendly; in particular, the QS wall panel is backlit, minimal, and available in a range of colours to suit any decor.

It is also wirelessly controllable from an infra-red remote control. From there, the user can control the levels of both artificial and natural light: the system controls the light fittings of a building by default, and it can be connected with specially-branded window shades to control the flow of daylight.

However, Lutron's system is more comprehensive than a simple dimmer switch: it is fully flexible using 'zones' and 'scenes.'

Lutron QS Zones & Scenes

Zones are groupings of lights and window shades that can incorporate anything from single fittings to whole rooms.

The models available at Sparks offer 3, 4 or 6 individually-programmed zones of lighting control and up to 3 zones of shade control.

Configurable scenes control individual zones either at the touch of a button or at various times of day (which can be programmed from a PC with proprietary software).

Scene settings are easy to set up and later reconfigure as your needs change.

To make it even easier, Grafik Eye QS incorporates an astronomic time clock for daytime presets and can be connected with wireless occupancy/vacancy and daylight sensors. 

The Grafik Eye QS makes it easy to design a lighting scheme that is fully customisable, incredibly flexible and which reduces lighting and heating/cooling demands. For those designing or renovating a living or working space, it is the clear choice in place of the former Grafik Eye 3000 system.

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