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Lutron Grafik QS preset scenes for commercial and residential settings, full dimming system

  2009-12-11         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
As introduced in an earlier article, and as specified on their website, the Lutron QS system is not just a dimming system, but a customisable preset light and blinds control system. Enjoy below 2 sets of preset scenes(each having 4 scenes), sample of the applications of Lutron QS - the commercial preset scenes and the residential preset scenes.

Lutron Grafik QS preset scenes: commercial environment

Lutron Grafik QS helps you make conference rooms more flexible. You can control the lighting and the blinds for activities such as roundtable discussions, single-speaker presentations, video presentations, and even cleanup. Save energy by using occupancy sensors to turn off the lights when the room is not in use.

Scene 1: conference The open blinds allow daylight in, brightening the room in order to energise the staff in a morning meeting. Electrical lights are dimmed substantially in order to conserve energy without sacrificing an evenly illuminated working space.

Scene 2: video training The general light levels are set low to prevent glare on the flat screen while still providing enough light on the table for note-taking. The blackout blinds are closed to eliminate glare on the screen.

Scene 3: general meeting (afternoon) The lights put the focus on the conference table for an afternoon meeting. The sheer blinds are lowered to reduce direct daylight and solar heat gain while preserving the view in this west-facing conference room.

Scene 4: A/V presentation (evening) The room is darkened for an A/V presentation without sacrificing task lighting on the table. A glow on the window countertop and the partially open blinds provide an additional layer to the lighting to maintain visual interest.

Lutron Grafik QS preset scenes: the residential environment

You can choose the perfect lighting levels for different activities and occasions throughout the house. Transform the living room into the perfect venue for family gatherings, reading, watching a film, or entertaining. For added security, use the time clock to create a “lived-in” look when you are away from home.

Scene 1: general activities All of the lights are on, close to full, for activities such as games or cleaning. The blinds are open to take advantage of a sunny day.

Scene 2: film time Lights are dimmed for optimal viewing of the film. Blackout blinds are closed to eliminate unwanted daylight and glare on the flat screen

Scene 3: TV viewing The TV viewing scene is more casual than the film setting so the lights are brighter. The sheer blinds are closed partially to reduce glare from the late afternoon sun.

Scene 4: reading/music This is a more relaxed setting but allows for task lighting to be bright enough for reading. The sheer blinds are closed to provide a view of the garden while reducing direct sunlight, which could cause damage to furnishings and interiors.

As technology advances, there are more and more solutions of fully controlling the indoor lighting, whether in the residential or the commercial applications. Lutron QS is one further step in accomplishing this. To purchase it, contact us or consult the Lutron Grafik full offer on our website.