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Lutron QS customisable preset light and blind control system, energy saving dimming system

  2009-12-10         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
Lutron Grafik has a new series of not only dimming systems, but a customisable preset light and blind control system - the Grafik QS total light control. Inspired by their presentation, we are introducing the Lutron® QS technology and the basics of preset lighting control - the zones!

The new Lutron QS technology provides intuitive control of both electric light and daylight. With the new GRAFIK Eye® QS preset lighting control system, adjust your lights and blinds for any task or activity in any room — commercial, educational, or residential. Recall these settings with the touch of a button. The new QS technology provides convenient control and enhancement of the visual environment.

  • Simple to operate The GRAFIK Eye QS and seeTouch® QS have large, engravable, backlit buttons. The GRAFIK Eye QS also has an information display with multiple language options.
  • Easy to design and integrate The GRAFIK Eye QS and Sivoia® QS blinds work together without interfaces. In addition, GRAFIK Eye QS works directly with occupancy sensors and connects to A/V devices and building management control systems.
  • Ultra-quiet performance Sivoia QS roller blinds operate at a near-silent level, rated at 44dBA at 1 m. Control daylight without disturbing the activity in a space.
  • Precision control of daylight Sivoia QS roller blinds utilise patented Lutron quiet electronic drive technology to control blinds with quiet precision and elegance. Blinds start, move, and stop in unison, operating smoothly and maintaining perfect alignment with each other. Minimal 20 mm light gaps ensure maximum window coverage.
  • Saves energy The GRAFIK Eye QS has an energy savings indicator, built-in astronomic and programmable time clock, direct connection to occupancy sensor for manual on/automatic off, and the ability to dim lights to specific preset levels. Sivoia QS blinds reduce solar heat gain, decreasing cooling costs by up to 10%.

Lutron Grafik QS - the basics of preset lighting control: zones

Lutron Grafik QS - Lighting zones

  • Zone L6: Display Area;
  • Zone L5: Wall Wash;
  • Zone L4: Window;
  • Zone L3: Pendants;
  • Zone L2: Table Downlights;
  • Zone L1: Downlights;
  • A zone is a single light, blind, or any grouping of lights or blinds traditionally controlled by one switch or dimmer. With GRAFIK Eye® QS, design each scene by adjusting the light and blinds in a series of zones.
  • Blind zones (groups)
  • Zone S1: Blackout blinds;
  • Zone S2: Sheer blinds.

Visit the Lutron QS online website or our section of Lutron Grafik dimming systems to purchase online the Grafik QS systems.