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Lutron Rania digital dimmer with remote control, the operation and the multi-location dimming

  2010-01-18         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
The Lutron Rania range of digital dimmers is a stylish range of wall-mounted dimmers(single or double), with the opportunity of being controlled remotely(Lutron Rania IR dimmers). Read more about the Lutron dimmers, introducing Lutron Lyneo, Lutron Rania, and Lutron Solina and the Lutron Dual Rania with round back box, Lutron dimmers - previous articles on the Lutron Rania dimmers. Read below all you need to know about the Single Lutron Rania dimmer with remote control and the Lutron Dual Rania Dimmer with remote control, the general specs of the Lutron Rania range, the way the Lutron Rania dimmers operate, how to use the Lutron Rania dimmers, and a little about the multi-location dimming with Lutron Rania.

The Lutron Rania IR - single Rania dimmer with remote control

Above - Lutron Rania Single Dimmer, For 230 V or 12 V loads, multiway - Max. 450 W/VA, min. 50 W/VA. Some of these on our website are:

The Lutron Rania IR dual - Dual Rania dimmer with remote control

Above: Lutron Rania Dual Dual dimmer - For 230 V and 12 V loads, multiway - Max. 2 x 250 W/VA, min. 2 x 50 W/VA. On our website, you can find:

The Lutron Rania Dimmers - family features

  • Both single and dual dimmers are available;
  • The green LEDs indicate light level;
  • The lights softly fade to on / off;
  • Auto load-sensing capability incorporated;
  • Quiet: Acoustically quiet operation;
  • You can dim your light from up to 10 locations (requires accessory dimmers);
  • You can double-tap to full on;
  • The dimmer memorises last light level;
  • This dimmer replaces a standard switch;
  • Part of a full family of products for all modern lighting sources;
  • The Rania family includes also wiring accessories.

Electrical specifications for Lutron rania single / dual dimmer

  • Power Supply: 220 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz;
  • Capacity: – Single dimmer for 230 V and 12 V loads (universal): 450 W/VA, min. 50 W/VA; – Dual dimmer for 230 V and 12 V loads (universal): Max. 2 x 250 W/VA, min. 2 x 50 W/VA;
  • The universal dimmer is available with leading and trailing edge capability;
  • It has thermal overload protection;
  • Auto-reset short-circuit and over-current protection;
  • Lightning strike surge protection (6 kV, 200 A);
  • There is a 10-year power-failure memory;
  • The Rania range is CE approved;
  • The Lutron Rania has voltage regulation;
  • The wall box has a depth of at least 32mm(recommended);
  • This system has a precise colour consistency;
  • High load and fluorescent interfaces for use with RISU, RIDU and RIEU dimmers;
  • If you want to increase the load capacity: – For max. 1840 W of 230 V loads, use Lutron Rania RN-PB-B-AW-M; – For max. 1200 W/VA of 12 V loads, use Lutron Rania RN-ELVI-B-AW-M;
  • To control fluorescent loads, use RN-TVI-B-M; Max. switched load 10A, 0-10 V output rating 10 ?A - 300 mA sinks current only (max. 150 ballasts).

The operation of the Lutron Rania dimmers

  • The LEDs on the dimmer indicate the light level;
  • Above the dimming buttons: the IR receiver;
  • The Lutron Rania has On/Off tapswitch: Fades lights on or off;
  • To turn on: Tap once (lights fade to the preset level), tap twice (lights turn on to full brightness);
  • To turn off: Tap once (lights fade-to-off), press and hold (for delayed fade-to-off).

The use of the remote control with the Lutron Rania Dimmers

  • Point the transmitter at the Rania IR dimmer(s), then use the buttons as outlined below;
  • ON FULL: Tap once - lights brighten smoothly to full brightness;
  • OFF: Tap once: 3 sec fade to off. Press and hold: 10-60 second delayed fade to off;
  • BRIGHTEN: Press to brighten lights;
  • DIM: Press to dim lights;
  • ONE-TOUCH BUTTON: Tap once to recall your favourite light level;
  • This transmitter is compatible with most learning remote controls.

Multi locating, ganging and derating

  • For Multi-location dimming with Lutron Rania For use with multi-location dimming only – use up to nine accessory dimmers with one Rania IR multi-location dimmer. Accessory dimmer must be within 50 meters of Rania multi-location dimmer.
  • Ganging and derating When ganging this product with other Lutron dimmers derate maximum capacity to 350 W/VA. Use Lutron 2-gang or 3-gang frames to gang Lutron dimmers and wiring accessories.
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