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Lutron Solina Application, designer dimmers for floor and table lamps

  2009-09-30         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
High quality dimming systems for ceiling lights, wall lights, table lights, and floor lights - Lutron has some of the best dimmers and dimmer systems for both home and office use. We have introduced some of the Lutron dimmers previously, that is: Lutron Lyneo, Solina and Rania, and Lutron Rania with round backbox. Focusing more on the Lutron Solina, there is very nice application online from Lutron - Explore the functions of the Lutron Solina lamp dimmer by clicking on the dimmer/instructions and experiencing the lamp dimmer in effect! We took some shots of this application, in order to illustrate the functions / features of the Lutron Solina Dimmers:

This is how your living room + kitchen can look like when using the Lutron Dimming Systems to manage the level of lighting - creating a nice ambience perfect for any occasion/mood.


Tap ON, tap OFF

Tap twice quickly - lights adjust to full brightness(available when lights are set below full brightness)

Press and hold to activate 10-second fade to OFF(ideal for leaving the room or for use in your home theatre)

Dimming rocker

Press right to brighten

Press left to dim

Recall your favourite light level(automatically return to your previously set light level)

If you visit this application online, you can "play" with it, the available flash buttons, to test how the Solina Dimmer works. Some more specific features of this range - see below.

Product Family Features
  • Memorises last light level;
  • Lights softly fade to on/off;
  • LEDs indicate light level;
  • Double-tap to full on;
  • Lamp dimmers are intended for use with table and floor lamps that do not contain integral dimmers;
  • Plug-in lamp dimmer with 2 metre cord;
  • No new wiring, just plugs in.
Specification Features
  • 220 - 240 V~, 50 Hz;
  • Max. capacity 300 W, Min. 40 W;
  • Lightning strike surge protection;
  • Short circuit protection;
  • Protection against electrostatic discharge;
  • 10-year power-failure memory;
  • Precise colour consistency;
  • Voltage regulation;
  • Use with incandescent lamps (230/240 V).
Buy online Lutron Solina Dimmers, or more specifically - Lutron Solina White Table/Floor lamp dimmer or Lutron Solina Single Table And Floor Lamp Mica Dimmer.