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Lutron Wallbox Slide dimmers, the Lutron Lyneo slide to off(STO) and Lyneo Preset

  2010-05-17         admin         Product News » Dimming Systems News
Dimmers make all the difference to the ambience of a room. Instead of old-fashioned on/off lighting, you can match the level of light to the mood or activity. Changing a switch to a dimmer is simple. With the Lutron dimming solutions you can choose from the new range of Lutron Lyneo slide dimmers in a range of different coloured finishes to match your décor.

Also mentioned via the article Introducing the Lutron Lyneo, Rania, and Solina ranges, the Lutron Lyneo range of slide dimmers has a status LED, can be installed like a switch, and the position of the slider - indicates the light level. Reduce / increase the lighting level in a particular venue / room by simply using the slider of the Lyneo Dimmer!

Lutron Lyneo Slide Dimmers - Models available

The Lutron Lyneo slide to off (sto)

  • Slider to change light level;
  • Single – 500W;
  • Dual – 2 x 250W.

The Lutron Lyneo preset

  • Slider to change light level;
  • On/off button;
  • LED status light;
  • Also available without status light;
  • Single – 500W; Dual – 2 x 250W.

The Lutron Lyneo range - Finishes

To purchase the Lutron Lyneo slide dimmers - visit the Wallbox dimmers from Lutron, or for any specific model + any quantity you would like to be quoted on, do not hesitate to contact us.