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Lux Live 2014: What we Saw and Loved during our Short Visit to this Lighting Show

Lux Live 2014: What we Saw and Loved during our Short Visit to this Lighting Show

  2014-11-21         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice,   Sparks Direct News » Sparks Updates

One more year, one more LuxLive - this time it was #LuxLive2014 on Twitter - where many lighting exhibitors came to both display and talk about their latest and greatest.

You could hear the latest lighting tech from the big brands, listen to up to 50 hours of free talks in their arenas, and see most of the world's biggest lighting brands.

And all of this only in two days. We made it to the second day toward the end of the show, but we saw quite a few things.

The emphasis, you guessed it, is LED: LED "fluorescent" lights, LED wall lights, LED light bulbs (some of which were even offered for free!), LED floor lights, LED outdoor lights, LED flood lights, LED everywhere.

We couldn't see all that was exhibited, and we couldn't possibly post about it on the blog, but here are our top picks of what we saw and loved at this years' Lux Live.

Lux Live 2014: What we Saw and Loved during our Short Visit to this Lighting Show

BEG Luxomat at Lux Live 2014

The German brand BEG Luxomat was present with some new stuff besides the well-known PIRs: now they have Luxomatic, groupable, energy-efficient lights for wall and ceiling mounting, and they also have some new versions of PIRs that can be individually programmable and resettable via a Bluetooth remote control. Great idea, with the mention: please secure the access to the PIRs and occupancy detectors!

Illuma Lighting at Lux Live 2014

As usual, Illuma was there showcasing their latest LED track spotlights, and their "5-year guarantee" promise was right up on the wall. They came out with some new products, of which we are about to find out more soon.

Danlers at Lux Live 2014

The great people at Danlers were there, with their PIR occupancy switches for wall or ceiling mounting, and this time they have something new: the ControlZAPP system. It is a new innovative energy saving lighting control with remote control and programming via an Android app. Also, they have their new LED dimming modules which promise to work with most dimmable LED lamps.

Aurora Lighting at Lux Live 2014

Aurora Lighting at Lux Live 2014

We didn't stay much at their booth, but Aurora Lighting promised to showcase some unparalleled LED technologies with a team of representatives (all dressed in light green T-shirts) to discuss excellence in driverless luminaires. Check out their coverage and photo gallery via their blog.

BELL Lighting at Lux Live 2014

BELL Lighting had a wide range of LED lamps in all kinds of lamp caps, wattages, lumens, and shapes. Quite interesting to see how many types are out there.

Gap Lighting at Lux Live 2014

We loved the display Gap Lighting put on, showcasing their LED wall lights for outdoors and LED ceiling lights for indoors, including some of their best LED strip lights and flood lights.

Retrotouch at Lux Live 2014

A great brand soon to be distributed by us, the people at RetroTouch have a wide range of touch and remote switches and dimmers. Rocker light switches, touch light switches, glass remote switches, dimmer remote switches, etc you name it - great alternative to the existing wiring devices.

CoeLux at Lux Live 2014

Something that blew us all out of our mind is the CoeLux skylight technology bringing the sunlight to windowless spaces. The pictures above don't do it justice, so you will have to watch the videos below. How about that! LED technology bringing artificial skylight that you won't believe it is real!

Kosnic at Lux Live 2014

Some awesome LED downlights, Facet LED downlights, LED panels, and twin bar LED panels (replacing the ceiling modular panels), and all kinds of LED PowerSpot GU10, Reon LEDs, and LED lights for home from Kosnic. Great stuff.

Franklite at Lux Live 2014

Since the buzzword is LED, Franklite also came out with some high-quality LED wall lights, LED chandeliers, LED table lamps, and much more. Great fittings from a renowned brand of light fixtures. ...and much more.

We are pretty sure most of the lighting exhibitors at LuxLive already posted (or will post) on their blog or news section, but this is our take on what we saw and loved the most at Lux Live this year. We hope you enjoyed them! PS. Last year's review for Lux Live is here.