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Manrose wall and ceiling fans, the Manrose 9inch and 12inch Wall/Ceiling Fan Range

  2010-04-30         admin         Product News » Ventilation News
With a unique and slimline profile of only 62mm the Manrose range of 9" / 12" wall/ceiling fans - the Manrose XFS230 range - will blend unobtrusively into any surrounding decor. After introducing the Manrose SELV Fan range, the Lo Profile range from Manrose, the Window & Wall Fans 150mm, the Manrose kitchen 6" extractor fans, the Manrose Centrifugal fans, the Manrose 100mm extractor fans, and the Manrose Showerlite range, today we would like to introduce the Manrose XFS230/XFS300 range - 9 inch and 12 inch wall / ceiling fans.

The Manrose 9" and 12" Wall / Ceiling Fan Range - Features

  • Designed for wall or ceiling mounting, this series of fans and packs is ideally suited to use in kitchens, utility rooms, pubs, hotels, restaurants, offices, shops and factories.
  • There are three models in the range: the basic model with fixed louvres, the manual model with internal pullcord operated backdraught shutters(available for purchase online at sparksdirect) and the automatic version with thermo-activated internal shutters which open automatically when the fan is switched on.
  • Incorporating the latest ventilation technology, this series has an extract rate of 668m3/hr, 185 litres per second.
  • The units are all manufactured using high impact ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability, aesthetics and easy cleaning.
  • The power is provided by a four pole single phase induction motor with pre-oiled bearings, totally enclosed for protection against dust and dirt, for a long, maintenance-free life.
  • This family of fans has been completed with the addition of the Manrose XFS300 range of 300mm (12") fans, which offer a powerful extract rate of 1100m3/hr, 306 litres per second and are available in the same formats as the XFS230 series.
  • The Manrose XFS230 range is designed to comply with the 2006 Building Regulations on Ventilation (F1).
  • The Manrose XFS230 range - technical features - Maximum pressure: 50 p.a. - Fan speed: 1250 r.p.m. - Sound volume: 50.0 dB(A) - Maximum operating temperature: 40ºC - Purchase online the Manrose XFS230 range.
  • The Manrose XFS300 - technical features - Maximum pressure: 60 p.a. - Fan speed: 1300 r.p.m. - Sound volume: 60.0 dB(A) - Maximum operating temperature: 40ºC - Buy online the Manrose XFS300 range.

The Manrose 9" / 12" Wall and Ceiling Fan Range - Models

  • The Manrose XFS230/300 - a basic model has fixed louvres. This unit will also provide a natural source of trickle flow ventilation when the fan is switched off;
  • The Manrose XFS230/300P - similar to the Manrose XFS230/300 but with pullcord switch;
  • The Manrose XFS230/300MP - The manual models have pullcord operated internal backdraught shutters, which also start the fan motor unit;
  • The Manrose XFS230/300A - The automatic versions have thermo-activated shutters which open silently approximately 45 second after the fan has been switched on.

The Manrose 9" / 12" Wall and Ceiling Fan Range - Accessories

  • Variable Speed Controller Intake-Extract with neon light for 230mm (9") and 300mm (12") fans Cat. No. COMTSCVR
  • For one step installation consider using 1291-9" or 1292-12" wall vent kit. To go straight through the wall.
On our website you can find the Manrose XFS230MP - The manual model with pullcord operated internal backdraught shutters, which also start the fan motor unit - but the other models can be ordered on demand. Contact us / visit us in Archway(North London) for more details.