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Meeting the 17th Edition needs: the Hager Type B Distribution Boards, Invicta 3

  2009-11-14         admin         Product News » Electrical Items News
Introducing the new Hager Type B Distribution Boards - meeting the needs of the 17th Edition - part of the Industrial Distribution Boards; the Invicta 3 range: decisions, features, and benefits.

Decisions needed for the Distribution needs

  • Regarding the 17th Edition Often more final circuits will need RCD protection. With multiple PCs, printers and other equipment likely to have a small earth leakage, nuisance tripping may be an issue. Consider having more outgoing ways and individual RCBO protection to avoid nuisance tripping.
  • Regarding the Metering The Building Regulations Part L2 includes requirements for metering and sub metering in non-domestic buildings.
  • Regarding the Control Demand for energy efficiency has led to an increased demand for control. Consider Type B boards that have integral DIN rails for control devices and that allow different size extension boxes to be fitted on the top, bottom or sides of the board.
  • Regarding the Installation More outgoing ways, more RCBOs, more metering and more control devices means that ease of installation and cabling are important.

You must consider having more outgoing ways and individual RCBO protection in order to avoid nuisance tripping.

The Type B Distribution Boards - Features

The Hager’s Type B distribution boards are designed to help electrical installers meet the challenges of a modern installation. They are available in both 125A and 250A ratings. Read more below about some of the main features of the Hager Distribution Boards(Type B):
  • The Ease of metering You can install a meter next to the incoming device in the 125A board. Dual metered boards are also available. Another option is to install a surge protection device.
  • The Simple cable entry Trunking and cable entry facility means there is no need to use paxolin. Cable protection is built into the end-plate cable entry.
  • The Neutral bars Transparent IP2X neutral cover allows for ease of cable installation. Screws fully turned down for easy and fast cabling.
  • The Earth terminal cabling Earth terminal bars are mounted offset to neutral terminal bars and angled towards the installer for easy cable installation. The screws are fully turned down for simple and fast cabling.
  • The Simple extensions 18 and 36 module DIN rail extension boxes are available. No spacers required to mount boards, cableways or extension boxes. Boxes can be mounted at the top or to either side of the board.
  • The Tap off board extension 125A top tap off for simple board extensions or for an additional MCB up to 125A.
  • The Clear labeling Ease of phase identification L1, L2, L3 mouldings show through when the front cover is fitted. Textured surface on busbar assembly allows contractor to write circuit identification.

The Hager Type B Distribution Boards - Benefits

Hager has developed the new Invicta Type B boards as a solution for modern commercial installations.  The whole nature of electrical sub and final distribution for commercial installations has changed in the last few years. Typically there are more outgoing ways, more RCBOs and/or RCD protection, more metering and more control devices.

Electrical distribution is at the heart of a building’s services. Modern distribution boards must enable designs that meet the demands of the 17th Edition, the need for more metering and the demands for energy efficient solutions through control devices or building management systems.

The people at Hager decided that it was time to design a board that meets the needs of current installations, not those of the past. This new range of Type B boards makes it easier for you to design and install electrical distribution systems that meet the needs of today and the future.

Note: These information are from the official specs presented by Hager - the Invicta 3 range. We are now in the process of updating our full offer of Hager Type B Distribution Boards - the Invicta 3 range - some of which are: Hager JK112BG, Hager JK116BG, Hager JK11003S, Hager JK11253S, Hager JK11004S, Hager JK104BG, Hager JK106BG, etc.