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Modernize your ceiling in a cost-effective way by using the replacement light fittings!

  2011-01-10         admin         Advice » Lighting Design Advice
Did you inherit a home where the downlights are so old that you are almost ashamed to have people over? Have you thought of modernizing your ceiling recessed lights? Did you dread the thought of replacing those old downlights from the ceiling - fearing there will be a large hole left if you take them off? Many times the old downlights / recessed fittings are so large - if you want to take them off, they will leave a large hole in the middle of the ceiling! We all know that it costs way too much to re-plaster the whole ceiling if you decide to take out the old light fittings from the ceiling... what is the most cost effective solution?

At SparksDirect you can find a range of cost-effective replacement fittings - some "converter downlight kits" that can cover a large hole in the ceiling while at the same time provide you with a nice smaller and more stylish downlight! Here are some of these solutions:

The 307W White Recessed Low voltage Converter Downlight Kit

The 307W White Recessed Low Voltage Converter Kit is ideal product for converting a traditional old type fitting to a modern type using the minimal budget, or covering a hole that is too large in the ceiling and having a nice fixed downlight. The kit includes the convertor plate, the stirrup, and the low voltage lampholder. The 307W Downlight Converter Kit comes in a pleasing white finish and can cover any hole from 48mm to 120mm. A lot simpler and cheaper solution than to replace the entire ceiling / part of the ceiling!

The 306W Circular Conversion Plate

The 306W Circular Conversion Plate fits a bigger hole, saves you a lot of money, but it doesn't contain the lampholder (it is not a full replacement fitting kit). Though it is not recommended, some people have painted the fitting in the colour that the ceiling is, to cover the entire hole with the desired colour. Coming in a White or Satin steel finish, the 306W Circular Conversion Plate accommodates fittings with cutout from 70 mm and overall diameter to no more than 180mm except butterfly clipped fittings.

The DLA Adaptable Fixed Downlight

Coming in white, polished brass, or chrome finish, the DLA Adaptable Fixed Downlight is a more stylish and also more expensive replacement light fitting. Covering a hole of up to 14 cm diameter, the DLA Adaptable Fixed Downlight comes with the lamp included(you will need the light bulb and the transformer, and it's good to go!). Great solution to cover large holes in the ceiling - especially for old ceilings and older light fittings for ceiling.

You can purchase all these via SparksDirect - Recessed Fixed Downlights. Read more about the GU10 downlight converter – deal with the larger cutout holes.