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More about the Green-I Energy Saving PIR Sensors, Dimmers, and Timer Switches

More about the Green-I Energy Saving PIR Sensors, Dimmers, and Timer Switches

  2014-10-02         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

With 40 years of experience of producing Energy Saving Controls for lighting, heating, and ventilation, CP Electronics has the green-i range of stylish movement sensors, control systems, switches, and timers, allowing you to easily take control of your energy usage by providing simple and effective control solutions.

They boast of being the UK's no. 1 lighting controls, with a wide experience and a great R & D department composed of engineers who work daily on new ideas and new technologies that are incorporated into their energy saving products.

There are different areas to look at in order to save the energy, and so you need:

  • Ceiling PIR sensors - automatically turn the lights ON or OFF when you enter or leave the room
  • Wall Mounted PIR sensors, Timers, and dimmers
  • A very simple lighting connection unit, the Vitesse Modular range.
Lighting control comes to the forefront of the specifier and builder's mind when they consider a building, but unfortunately the general public is not yet aware of the benefits and potential of these energy saving devices.

If you visit our showroom we have a beautiful display of the wide range of Green-I energy saving devices from CP Electronics.

The products come in a clam shell, which allow the customers to visually see the product and, on the back of the product, the diagrams and explanations show what the product actually does.

To understand what Green-I devices you need for your home or office in order to save energy, there's a brochure explaining what every device does, which you can pick up in our showroom. In short, this range has:

  • Ceiling PIR - can be installed on the ceiling in the storerooms, small offices, small rooms, etc, and they automatically switch ON the lights when presence is detected, and then turn the lights OFF when no one is in the room.
  • Wall PIRs - they fit a normal light switch, same size, being an easy and convenient replacement for the wall PIR switches.
  • Time delay switches - they retrofit into a normal light switch and start saving energy immediately.
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