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More about the Illuma Concepta mains voltage track mounted diecast spotlights

  2010-06-09         admin         Product News » Lighting News
The Illuma Concepta spotlights have been introduced before as "Robust Diecast tracklights from Illuma, the Concepta range", and with applications in shops and display lighting, or even in a church, yet there is still so much more to be said about the Illuma Concepta Spotlights. Illuma has recently added to their offer the angled beam Concepta spotlights for 1-circuit track mounting, mains voltage - available in 27 degrees or 50 degrees beam inclination. Also, these spotlights come in two wattages - 35W or 70W.

The Illuma Concepta 1-circuit Track mounted spotlights - Features

  • The Body swivels through 355º;
  • The Head tilts through 90º;
  • The Metal Halide version is supplied complete with lamp;
  • The Illuma Concepta spots are supplied with safety glass;
  • The Front ring easily removes for lamp changing;
  • There is a full range of attachments available;
  • The Illuma Concepta AR111 version is dimmable;
  • Two beams available: 27 degrees beam(spotlight) and 50 degrees(floodlight);
  • 1-circuit track adaptor integral;
  • Lamp used: CDM-TC Metal Halide, Integral Electronic Control Gear c/w Lamp
  • Lamp cap: G8.5; Wattages: 20W, 35W, and 70W;
  • Materials used: body and trim in diecast aluminium;
  • Weight: 0.84kg;
  • Finishes available: Black(BL), White(WH), and Satin Grey(SG);
  • Note: the Illuma Concepta spots are not suitable for vertical mounting.
  • Note: the Concepta comes also in the Low Voltage version - the Illuma Concepta TH3111 range: - with 1-circuit track adaptor; - Integral Electronic Control Gear no Lamp; - lamp used: AR111 12V; lamp cap: G53; - wattages: 50W min, 100W max; - weight: 0.71kg; - lamp beam inclinations: 4 deg, 8 deg, 24 deg, or 45deg; - finishes available: Black(BL), White(WH), and Satin Grey(SG);

The Illuma Concepta Spotlights - Track Spots - Models

The Illuma Concepta Mains Voltage Track Mounted Spotlights - Application

To purchase the Illuma Concepta Spotlights, choose from the following: Note: when ordering, you will need to specify the lamp beam inclination / angle: 27 degrees(spotlight) or 50 degrees(floodlight).