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more new 9V battery powered Aico Professional Heat / Smoke Alarms

more new 9V battery powered Aico Professional Heat / Smoke Alarms

  2012-05-31         sparksdirect         Product News » Fire and Security News,   Safety » Fire Safety

We have recently added to our catalog online a new range of battery powered professional Aico fire alarms. These use a 9V Lithium cell / battery and can be upgraded to be used with the other RadioLINK fire alarms in the house.

The battery is a 10year Lithium cell which will outlast the useful lifespan of the alarm!

All these battery powered alarms come with an early detection to all the standard domestic fire types, and they have a built-in high audibility warning sounder.

They are very easy to install (twist-on-base design) and test (large and easy to use test / hush button). As to the aspect, they are aesthetically pleasing and has a compact design.

Do people prefer the Battery Powered Alarms?

Many times people prefer to simply install a battery powered Aico Professional alarm simply because they don't want to pay the electrician to come and install the alarm.

More and more these 9V Fire Alarms / Smoke Alarms are becoming popular in the domestic environment, since it offers you the possibility of "sticking the alarm on the ceiling" without wiring it up!

Take a look at the different battery powered alarms from Aico to have an impression of which one do you need for your home:

  • The Aico Ei603 range of 9V alkaline battery powered heat alarms, ideal for kitchen;
  • The Aico Ei605 Lithium battery powered optical smoke alarm, ideal for kitchen use;
  • The Aico Ei3100 range of 9V battery powered heat alarm with RadioLINK wireless integration with the other alarms in the house;
  • The Aico Ei3103RF 9V heat alarm with RaioLINK wireless integration, alkaline battery powered heat alarm;
  • The Aico Ei3015RF optical smoke alarm, battery powered, using the RadioLINK wireless interconnection.

Please note: some of these alarms are no longer available; see the current interlinked alarms available at Spaks.