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Nemo Endless Wall Lamp, folded white metal wall striplight designed by Jehs and Laub for Nemo Italianaluce

  2010-06-30         admin         Product News » Lighting News
Did you notice the Nemo Endless Wall Light - white metal wall lamp? This wall lamp - the Endless Wall Light by Nemo Italianaluce - has a design appropriate to its name that is both simple and ingenious. A white metal band is folded three times and molded together. This way a seamless form is created and if you follow it with your eyes it is an 'endless' endeavour. The Nemo Endless wall lamp reminds of optical illusions or the Moebius strip. To add to its futuristic design, the bulbs of this wall mounted lamp are situated in the folds and hidden from direct viewing - in this way a soft diffused light is created.

Nemo Endless Wall Lamp - More Features

  • Nemo Endless wall mounted lamp, futuristic design;
  • Lamp used: 3 x 60W G9 light bulbs;
  • Manufacturer: Nemo, Italian Lights Manufacturer;
  • Model: Nemo END HWW 31;
  • Finish: embossing white body;
  • Designer: this lamp is designed by Jehs & Laub for Nemo;
  • Usage: interior use, indoor light fitting;
  • Dimensions: 35cm wide, 7cm projection, 33cm height;
  • Style: fancy and futuristic, gives you an impression of an optical illusion...
  • Purchase online via Sparks & Lights the Endless Wall Lamp from Nemo.

More pictures / applications of the Nemo Endless Wall Light

Nemo Endless Wall Lamp in an office / sitting room

Another view of the Nemo Endless wall light

Fantastic and Futuristic design - Nemo Endless Wall Light

We wish we could write more about this fancy amazing wall lamp, but since Nemo themselves don't say too much about it, this is the best we could do :) You can buy online this fantastic wall light from Nemo via - at Lights / Wall Lights for interior, the Nemo Endless Wall Lamp.