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New Bargains: a Dimplex convector heater, a switched double socket, and an underfloor heating system!

  2010-10-29         admin         Sparks Direct News » Promotions
We have recently reduced the price on several items on the website, but the ones you may be most interested in are these New Bargains: a Dimplex Convector Heater, a Switched Double Socket, and a Dimplex Underfloor Heating System! Especially in view of the upcoming winter / cold weather, we are here to meet your need with the Dimplex heating systems! Available as stock lasts, make sure you're warm and safe at home!

Best Bargain - the Dimplex PLX075NC Panel Convector Heater

The Dimplex PLX750 is a superb panel convector heater manufactured by Dimplex. Heating up a room quickly and making it last is with 750W power is typical of Dimplex. Especially with the cold weather and the typical wind that accompanies the fall and winter season, the Dimplex PLX075NC is a great solution for the heating up of your home! And now it is even cheaper than before! Grab this Best Bargain via Sparks & Lights - Cheaper Dimplex Convector Heater for as low as £30 +VAT! Also, read more about the Dimplex – PLX series – slim panel convectors, heaters. Note: available until stock lasts - buy the Dimplex PLX075NC online now!

Best Bargain - the MK Logic Plus K2747WHI Double Socket

If you are a fan of the white moulded plastic switches and sockets, you will be pleased to find out that the MK Logic Plus range of wiring accessories offers solutions for the whole house! And as we all know it, the double socket is the most used device - this is why we have lowered its price for a limited time! Make us of this best bargain - lowest price ever - for the MK Logic K2747WHI Twin Socket: white switched socket for interior use for as low as £3 + VAT! Read more about the MK wiring devices, MK Logic Plus, switched or unswitched sockets and about the the MK Albany Plus and the MK Logic Wiring devices. Note: available until stock lasts - buy online the MK Logic Plus K2747WHI now!

Best Bargain - the Dimplex RTS2M underfloor heating system

The Dimplex RTS2M is a 2 metre mat underfloor heating with controller! Ideal for wooden or concrete subfloors - and for all the tiled floor surfaces, the Dimplex RTS2M electric under-tile heater system is a complete kit with the Mat and the Floor Thermostat. Now available for less than ever - until stock lasts - only £65 + VAT per set! You don't need to buy anything else to install this underfloor system - it includes the mat with self-adhesive tape, the thermostat, and the necessary wire! Read more about the Dimplex RTS2M underfloor heating system and its benefits. Note: available only until the stock lasts - buy online the Dimplex RTS2M now!