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New DEVImat underfloor heating systems from Danfoss for concrete or timber floors

New DEVImat underfloor heating systems from Danfoss for concrete or timber floors

  2011-11-07         sparksdirect         Advice » Heating Advice

DEVI is the world’s largest manufacturer of underfloor heating with three manufacturing sites in Denmark, France, and Poland.

The world’s largest underfloor heating competence centre including research and development is based at the HQ in Denmark.

With a history dating back over 65 years, you can be assured that with your DEVI underfloor heating system, you will not only have wonderful warm floors but will be using the most advanced underfloor heating system in the world, backed up with the most comprehensive post sales and warranties available.

DEVImat Underfloor Heating Mats

In the case of the DEVImat underfloor heating system, all heat moves upwards! This simple fact explains why a floor heating system provides more comfortable heat than an alternative radiator system.

When we speak about regular heating systems, a radiator system throws the heat up at head height, which then travels further up to the ceiling only to travel downwards and return as a cold draft around one's feet.

DEVI’s floor heating system, on the other hand, provides pleasant heat for one's feet, body, and head.

As it produces only a very gentle upward air movement, the amount of traveling dust particles is reduced considerably, obviously making the system a great asset to people suffering from allergies or asthma.

The New DTIR range of DEVImat from Danfoss

  • Super-sticky self-adhesive mesh - making it the easiest thing to install;
  • the outer sheath - high grade led free PVC;
  • 100% Aluminium Earth Shielded;
  • Thickness: under 4mm thin;
  • Twin conductor single cold tail;
  • Conductor insulation - FEP, teflon;
  • Mains voltage DEVImat;
  • Approval INTERTEK SEMKO, the highest standard in the industry;
  • Warranty: 10-Year DEVI Floor Guard Warranty;
  • Deformation strength: 600N;
  • Pulling strength: 120N;
  • Works with popular thermostats like the Devireg 530 19116446 floor sensor, etc.
  • Types available:
    # the DEVImat for under concrete floors (150W);
    # the DEVImat for timber floors (100W).

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