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new Multipoint ASD detectors from Rafiki - the Rafiki conventional fire alarms

new Multipoint ASD detectors from Rafiki - the Rafiki conventional fire alarms

  2011-09-22         sparksdirect         Product News » Fire and Security News

The Rafiki's Multipoint ASD detector range have broken new barriers in fire detection and alarm.

Not only does the multipoint offer seven modes of fire detection it also offers an optional built-in sounder and a sounder strobe in a single device.

The Rafiki multipoint uses patented advanced optical scatter sensor design along with sophisticated electronic technology to deliver reliable smoke or heat detection, whilst substantially reducing false alarms.

The Multipoint ASD retains all the advantages of the original Multipoint detector with a range of additional features to make it a truly market leading design.

"Stealth" Optical Chamber Design

The method of optical scatter fire detection is well known. Sensors comprise an optical emitter and a receiver positioned in a sensing chamber.

The emitter and receiver are positioned such that there is no line of site between them, although some light from the emitter does reflect on the walls of the chamber and into the receiver; this is known as standing scatter level.

When smoke enters the chamber it increases radiation from the emitter and substantially increases the radiation detected by the receiver, a sensor circuit then triggers an alarm.

A disadvantage of this design is that dust, grease etc. enters the chamber and settle on the walls causing the scatter level to increase or decrease dependant on the type of contamination.

This variation can cause false alarms or can mask the presence of a true alarm condition.

Stealth Chamber

Rafiki have designed a patented optical scatter smoke sensor that alleviates this problem.

This has been achieved by creating a secondary chamber that collects the contamination out of site of the emitter and receiver thereby substantially reducing the incidence of false alarms and improving detection reliability.

Multi-Criteria Detector

The Rafiki "Multipoint" detector has set new standards in detector technology, using microprocessor control, offering the installer a full range of detection capabilities with audible and visual warning in one compact device.

Specifiers and installers who choose the Multipoint detector, do so secure in the knowledge that the fire detection performance of the detector can be matched to the environment in which it is installed – and changed any time during the lifetime of the installation.

The mode of detection required can be simply changed by way of a DIL switch in the detector (configurable via commissioning software on addressable systems). Some of the Rafiki Multipoint Detectors - from the Sita Range - newly added to the website are:

  • Rafiki 205 0001 - Rafiki Sita Multipoint Detector with Sounder, ASD smoke and heat detector,
  • Rafiki 205 0003 - Rafiki Sita Multipoint Detector Addressable, smoke and heat Detector no sounder P
  • Rafiki 302 0012 - Rafiki low profile strobe sounder, Rafiki Twinflex Flash Point (Low Profile)