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New Twin Fluorescent Fittings, the Thorn Lighting Punch II fluorescent luminaires

  2011-01-27         admin         Product News » Lighting News
Thorn Lighting has some very popular ranges of batten luminaires, among which is this new range Thorn Punch II T8 Surface mounted, twin fluorescent lamps. This range is a slim surface mounted and suspended luminaire with modern aesthetics for 2 x T26 lamp(s) with electronic - fixed output circuit. The body of this fluorescent fitting is in white painted sheet steel with white polycarbonate end caps and double parabolic satinbrite aluminium louvre. These fittings replace an older version of the Thorn Lighting Fluorescent Luminaires - the Thorn Punch T26 fluorescent twin luminaires.

The twin batten Thorn Punch II fluorescent luminaire models available are:

  • The Thorn FLCS236C - Thorn Lighting Punch II PUZ236M, 96504360 2X36W T26 High frequency fluorescent fitting;
  • The Thorn FLCS258C - Thorn Lighting Punch II PUZ258M, 96504378 2X58W T26 High frequency fluorescent fitting;
  • The Thorn FLCS270C - Thorn Lighting Punch II PUZ270M, 96504390 2X70W T26 High frequency fluorescent fitting;

Thorn Lighting Fluorescent Lights - the Punch II Double Fluorescent Luminaires Features

  • Performance lighting at an affordable price;
  • Smooth, rounded body design gives unobtrusive appearance;
  • The louvres are optimised to get the best optical performance;
  • Specular Mirrorbrite louvres with an LOR of up to 66% with luminance well below 1000cd/m²;
  • Clips retain the louvre to enable hinging for easy lamp replacement and maintain earth continuity;
  • Switchstart, high frequency and high frequency dimming versions available;
  • Integrated emergency versions available;
  • Direct/Indirect versions provide uplight as well as downlight;
  • All versions can be suspended;
  • Class I electrical rated;
  • High frequency twin batten luminaires from Thorn;
  • IP rating: IP20 rated(not for bathrooms);
  • CE marked; IK07; uses T26 fluorescent batten lamps;
  • Ballast: HF Tridonic PC T8 PRO;
  • Electrical connection via 3 x 2 x 1.5mm² piano key terminal block;
  • Lamps: to be ordered separately;
  • The Dimensions, the Total Power, and the Weight: differing for each of the versions;
  • Buy online the Thorn Punch II Fluorescent light fittings via SparksDirect.

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