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New Xpelair Commercial Window/Wall fan, the GX12 Xpelair 12 inch extractor fan(90012AW)

New Xpelair Commercial Window/Wall fan, the GX12 Xpelair 12 inch extractor fan(90012AW)

  2011-08-22         sparksdirect         Product News » Ventilation News

New Xpelair Commercial Window/Wall fan, the GX12 Xpelair 12 inch extractor fan(90012AW)If you thought that the 6 inch or 9 inch Manrose fans are large - check out the New Xpelair GX12 Extractor Fan with a 12inch diameter!

Note: this fan is no longer available on our website; please see here to find out what are the ventilation fans available.

This is a commercial window or fan mounted extractor fan - The Xpelair GX12 high performance window extractor fans have remained a byword for commercial window fans for almost 50 years!

The GX12 extractor fans from Xpelair are reversible and feature totally enclosed external rotor motors providing constant volume outputs, even in gusty external conditions.

The pre-balanced sickle bladed impellors eliminate `fan judder' and ensure quiet trouble free operation and the sealed for life maintenance free bearings ensure suitability for running at any angle.

Running costs are impressively low, and when not in use the silent electro-thermal shutter cassette closes silently against backdraughts.

The Xpelair GX12 range units have a tamper-proof positive plug and socket assembly which provides a means of isolation for service access.

Installation in single and sealed double glazed windows (up to 25mm) is rapid using Xpelair's unique metal ladder strip/screw system, ensuring a secure and watertight seal against the glass. Wall mounting kits are available for all three models

Xpelair GX12 Commercial Window/Wall extractor fan - Features

  • The Xpelair GX12 sickle bladed impellers provide a constant volume output;
  • Comes supplied with longer ladder strips for ease of installation into windows;
  • High performance intake/extract axial ventilation unit;
  • 12 inch Commercial window fan - this is the standard model;
  • Suitable for single and sealed double glazing windows and panels up to 25mm;
  • Balanced external rotor motor and impeller for quiet efficiency;
  • Built-in silent action electro-thermal shutter cassette;
  • Passive tricklevent facility for background ventilation with fan Off;
  • Easy clean high gloss ABS housing with integral finger safety guard;
  • Shadow grey external grille for unobtrusive external appearance;
  • Sealed for life maintenance free bearings, suitable for running at any angle;
  • Tamperproof internal connection safety plug and socket;
  • Unique metal ladderstrip / screw connection to external grille for security and weather tight seal;
  • Extract performance: # 1214-1614 (FID, m3/h) / 337-448 (FID, l/s) Extract Performance; # 819-1002 (FID, m3/h) / 228-278 (FID, l/s) Intake Performance;
  • Quiet Air extractor fan: 50-55 dB(A) @3m Sound Pressure Level;
  • Rating: 85 (W) Electrical Power Rating;
  • Dimensions: 324mm Hole Diameter (or 330mm Hole Diameter with wall liner);
  • Weight: 7.9 kg; 3 year Guarantee;