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Niimi LED Square Mirror Light, the new AX0815 Niimi Vanity LED Bathroom Mirror Light

Niimi LED Square Mirror Light, the new AX0815 Niimi Vanity LED Bathroom Mirror Light

  2011-02-17         sparksdirect         Product News » Lighting News

The Niimi LED Square Mirror Light from Astro Lighting is another new light fitting for interior use.

Note: this light fitting is no longer available at Sparks; see the round version of Niimi here.

Ideally sited in the bathroom to aid you in the morning or at night when you need either a magnifying mirror or just a mirror that can be adjusted in its position and extension, the AX0815 Vanity Bathroom Mirror Light is the lighting solution you need! This fitting is a super-energy saving solution for a modern bathroom.

With a polished chrome arm that can be extended up to 35cm and an up to five times magnifying mirror with LED lighting around it, this LED Mirror light will captivate your attention and it will serve you for many years!

If you are for the Energy Saving Solutions and you believe that you need to do a long-term investment when it comes to your home, the Niimi 0815 LED Bathroom Wall Lamp will be the best lighted mirror solution for your bathroom!

Niimi LED Square Mirror Light - Features

  • Bathroom square magnifying mirror;
  • Finish: Polished chrome finished arm;
  • Lamps: this fitting uses four Hi-Power LEDs;
  • IP rating: IP44 rated, suitable for bathroom zones 2 and 3;
  • Class 2 electrical rated: double insulated;
  • Includes integral switch; includes an integral LED driver;
  • Magnification: x5 magnification bathroom mirror light;
  • F marked: this fitting can be mounted on normally flammable surfaces;
  • Dimensions: 230mm high, 230mm wide, depth: 115-350mm;
  • LED colour temperature: Neutral white 3950k;
  • Weight: 2kg;
  • Energy saving bathroom wall light: 4W lamp;
  • Manufacturer: Astro Lighting, model Astro 0815 Niimi light.

Astro Niimi LED fitting - Dimensions

Dimensions and Features of the AX0815 Niimi LED Mirror Light