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Our Top 5 Beautiful Desk Lamps: Essential and Functional Fittings

Our Top 5 Beautiful Desk Lamps: Essential and Functional Fittings

  2013-01-26         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

Here at Sparks Direct we like a great desk lamp: this range of fittings is essential, but that doesn't mean they have to be simply functional. We think they can also be beautiful, in their own way. Today we're looking at our five favourites from the store

Please note: some of these may no longer be available via Sparks; all our stylish table lamps can be found here.

The Novel Maldon Desk Lamp

Maldon Desk Lamp

Kicking off with the Maldon, we picked this one because - well, honestly, we just like the novel design of this light: a chrome semicircle with an adjustable lamp almost, but not quite, at its apex.

The Flos Kelvin LED Light

Flos Kelvin LED Touch Control Desk Lamp

Antonio Citterio's Kelvin desk lamp, designed exclusively for Flos Lighting, is famous for its accurate colour rendition and simple controls: simply touch the back of the head and the LED lamp instantly comes on!

The Small Wonder: The Artemide Tolomeo Mini

Artemide Tolomeo Mini Desk Lamp

A miniaturised version of the classic lamp, the Tolomeo Mini, the brainchild of Michele de Lucchi, might look familiar: Luxo, the mascot of the movie giant Pixar, was based on its bigger brother!

The Unassuming but Eco-Friendly Mento

Nordlux Mento Flexible LED Desk Lamp

The Mento is a simple but flexible LED lamp from Nordlux with a 3W LED lamp that is energy-saving but incredibly effective.

The Tiny but Wonderful Micro Flexi

Micro Flexi Clip-On Desk/Table Light

Finally, the Micro Flexi in black or white is an oddball entry in our Top 5: it's not quite a table lamp, as such, but it clips onto the edge of the desk in an unobstrusive way that provides task lighting. Clip it onto the desk and forget about it: that's the mark of a great desk lamp.