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Planning your Video Door Entry System with ESP Enterview and MX

Planning your Video Door Entry System with ESP Enterview and MX

  2012-07-03         sparksdirect         Advice » Smart Home System Advice

Many people prefer having a video door entry system - they want to see who is at the door before they unlock the door for them to come into the building.

The people at ESP have a range of Enterview 5 video call stations and monitors for both indoor and outdoor use.

Note: the Enterview MX panel and system is no longer available from Sparks; see the existing video door entry systems.

You can basically put a call station outside with 2 or more call buttons (depending on how many flats the building has) and the mono or color video monitors/handsets can be installed indoors, in your flat. Each button supports up to 4 video phones (mono or color) plus two additional audio-only handsets!

In buildings requiring a multiple occupancy access control system, you can install the ESP Enterview MX panel outdoors and the Enterview 5 range of monitors and handsets indoors.

How and what do you need? Below is a list of things you need to check and tick off as you're planning your video door entry system.

Planning your Video Door Entry System

What do you need when you want to use a video door entry system? Here are some items you need and some questions you need to ask yourself when planning your door entry system:

  • You will need an external call station
  • Question: How many Entry Doors (Front or/and Rear) do you have?
  • Do you prefer Audio only or with Video?
  • If video, do you want monochrome or colour? Read more about the MonoChrome Video Door Entry system or the Color video door entry system.
  • Do you want to install the integral keypad?
  • Do you prefer mounting flush or surface mounted?
  • How many external call buttons do you need? At least one per dwelling...
  • Consider adding the Trade entry control feature.
  • Combined timed Lock and outdoor call station power supply (EVBPS) Note: The maximum cable distance per external call button to each handset is 70 meters

What Door Entry Equipment do you Require?

After going through the above details and questions, you now need a list of video door entry equipment to set up your system. Here's what you may need:
  • External call station - one is required per door, see Enterview EVMX2C (color video door entry call station, 2 buttons);
  • You need a maximum of 6 call buttons without an expander;
  • The expander - if it is required - allows you to use a maximum of 9 call button per expander;
  • The external call station power supply DC 12 volts (EVBPS) - one required per door;
  • The handset EV5 (monochrome video handset) / EV5C (color video handset) - a minimum of one per external call button;
  • Electric lock magnetic (ML250)/Yale type (enter D);
  • Twisted pair cable minimum 4 cores;
  • Push to exit button - one required per door if magnetic lock used;
  • Emergency break glass green - one required per door if magnetic lock used and the door is deemed an emergency exit.

Note: the Enterview MX panel and system is no longer available from Sparks; see the existing video door entry systems.