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Plumen 001 and Plumen 002, the World's First Designer Low Energy Light Bulbs!

Plumen 001 and Plumen 002, the World's First Designer Low Energy Light Bulbs!

  2015-06-10         sparksdirect         Advice » Lighting Design Advice

Many times the light bulb is associated with a new idea, a brilliant thought, or an interesting thing one thinks of.

However, even though the light bulb is synonymous with ideas, the design of most light bulbs lacks imagination; furthermore, they still have the same design since they were originally made, and there's nothing interesting or new about them (except being more energy-saving and even LED).

The best way to switch the world to energy-efficient lighting is simply to create a beautiful light bulb; somehow, if the magic is brought back to the light bulb, people will love energy-saving light bulbs.

Plumen 001 - the World's First Designer Low Energy Light Bulb

This is the point where the team at Plumen started their journey in 2004 when they designed and created Plumen 001, the world's first designer low energy light bulb.

Plumen 001 - the World's First Designer Low Energy Light Bulb

They launched a campaign on kickstarter, got enough back-up, and started making these light bulbs; soon, they picked up global media attention, picked a few design awards around the world, and is now distributed in 75 countries, changing people's attitude toward energy saving lighting every single day.

Plumen 001, the World's First Designer Low Energy Light Bulb, a selection and application

The dynamic, sculptured form contrasts to the dull regular shapes of existing low-energy bulbs, in an attempt to make the Plumen a centerpiece, not an afterthought. The Plumen 001 (no longer available at Sparks) works like any other high-quality low energy bulb - saving you 80% on your energy bills and lasting 8 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb. It was designed by HULGER and Samuel Wilkinson.

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What the Media says of PLUMEN 001

  • Samuel Wilkinson's low-energy lightbulb wins Design of the Year: British designer's 'beautiful and smart' Plumen 001 is the overall winner at the 2011 Brit Insurance Design Awards (the Guardian)
  • Bright Ideas From the World of Design: The Plumen 001, which also won in the product category, bills itself as "the world's first designer energy-saving light bulb." The compact fluorescent bulb uses 80% less energy and lasts eight times longer than an incandescent bulb, the company says, but the thin, curvy glass tubes are made to be exposed—no lampshade required. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Swirly CFLs relax a little bit, get kind of cute in the process (Engadget)
Plumen 001 was designed for general use as an energy-efficient replacement for the 60W incandescent bulb and came in E14 and E27 lamp cap; it was a usable light bulb for lots of general situations, being great in most environments and applications, but not in all applications. That's why the team at Plumen came up with another light bulb, Plumen 002.

Plumen 002 - Unique Bulb Design for Style and Warmth

The Plumen 002 uses a unique bulb design to bring style and warmth to any space. At first glance the form is minimal, but on further inspection, the sweeping shape reveals light gradations that are essential to the subtle glow it produces.

Plumen 002 - Unique Bulb Design for Style and Warmth

It works beautifully in series or alone, whether in a pendant, table light or wall sconce. Low brightness means the cozy, intimate light requires no shading. Created as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to Squirrel Cage filament bulbs, it’s perfect for any space where you might otherwise use an incandescent bulb.

Plumen 002 - Unique Bulb Design for Style and Warmth - here's how it looks like. Awesome design!

The Original Plumen, just like the 001, uses 80% less energy than a regular bulb and will last 8 times longer. Another designer light bulb from Plumen that is efficient, beautiful and affordable.

Plumen 002, a Unique Bulb Design for Style and Warmth, in a selection of colorful pendants

Anywhere you want light to set the mood, where you might normally think of using a 30W filament bulb, you can use the 002. The Plumen 002 has a sculptural and clearly defined form that makes will resonate with square and rectangular spaces where it will usually hang. It also works particularly well in table lights and wall sconces.

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What the Media says of PLUMEN 002

  • Feeling For An Eco-Lightbulb that Looks Better Naked - New York Times
  • PLUMEN 002 Is The CFL You'd Actually Want To Use (And Look At On A Daily Basis):  the sculptural glass construction is much nicer to look at than the standard CFL, making this a much-needed solution for pendant lights and other fixtures that feature an exposed bulb. (Huffington Post)
  • Get Cozy with the Plumen 002, the Second Sculptural CFL from the Lighting Innovators (Core77)
Besides PLUMEN 001 and PLUMEN 002 there are the pendants, the lamp shades, and the drop cap sets. These used to be available at Enjoy a short video of presentation for both PLUMEN 001 and PLUMEN 002 - by their creators.

Plumen 001 with Shade and Pendant Drop Set

Introducing Plumen 002 (and Plumen 001)