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How Portable Heating can Help you have Ideal Sleeping Conditions

How Portable Heating can Help you have Ideal Sleeping Conditions

  2019-04-05         sparksdirect         Product News » Heating News

It’s happened to all of us: we go to bed feeling ready to fall asleep straight away but then find ourselves tossing and turning all night. There could be many reasons for finding it difficult to fall asleep.

One of these problems could likely be the heating in your room, and in this article, we want to find out how portable heating can help.

During the winter, many energy-conscious people will sleep in rooms that are too cool.

Meanwhile, during the summer, others will put up with sweltering hot conditions that can leave them sweating.

The Sleep Council recommends 18 degrees as the optimum room temperature to fall asleep in. In this article, Sparks will look at how we can maintain this ideal temperature without suffering from high energy costs.

Why it is so important that you get a good night’s sleep

Detailed sleep studies have made us more aware of how important sleep is to our physical and mental well-being. The precise reason why we need to sleep and dream is still not conclusive.

However, the results indicate that our quality of sleep is intrinsically linked to our quality of life.

Poor sleep patterns have been strongly linked to weight gain, greater risk of heart disease or stroke, the risk of diabetes and mental health problems.

Meanwhile, positive sleep patterns have been linked to improved concentration and productivity, better athletic performance and better immune function.

As you can see, quality sleep is essential for us all - and all avenues to improving our sleep should be explored.

First on the list of the Sleep Council’s methods to improve sleep is by achieving the optimal temperature in your room.

Portable Heaters at Sparks

Portable heating and cooling for ideal sleeping conditions

Ensuring that your bedroom is kept to an accurate and dependable temperature is a difficult task for most central heating systems.

This is why people are increasingly turning to portable heating and cooling as a solution, given the advancements these systems have seen in recent years.

A primary reason for this is that portable heaters are separate from your central heating system, and offer greater adaptability.

Portable coolers are ideal when you find yourself struggling to get some sleep in a hot environment. They operate at a quiet and efficient rate to keep your room at a comfortable temperature that is conducive to sleep.

Dimplex offers a great range of portable coolers, which have modern features such as adjustable speed settings - which you can operate from your bed.

If you find yourself sweating into your sheets at night, all you need to do is manage the cooler from a remote. On the other hand, you may find yourself freezing cold under the covers during the winter.

Sometimes merely adding extra duvets or blankets is not enough but rather, it can be uncomfortable. If this is the case then you should look into electric portable heaters.

It boasts a thermostatic control, a 24-hour timer and can be used as a portable device or wall-mounted.

Installed heating for perfect sleeping conditions

To help you sleep well at night, take a look at Dimplex DXC30Ti - Convector Heater - 3kW Contrast Convector Heater with Timer1

Some may argue that portable heating and cooling solutions for your bedroom are only ‘temporary’. If you are looking for something more permanent then you may wish to have installed heating within your bedroom.

The intuitive technology employed in modern electric radiators means that fluctuations in temperature are no longer a problem.

You can guarantee a steady 18-degree temperature in your room throughout the night to allow for a good night’s rest.

Dimplex offers a range of fixed electric radiators that - crucially - have smart programmable controls. They are thermostatically controlled, via a variable thermostat which allows the user to stay in control of a set point temperature.

This allows them to establish a comfortable and cosy environment for sleeping. 

It strikes the perfect balance between convected and radiant heat, and ensures warmth is efficiently spread to both the air and the people in the room.

Heating Systems at Sparks

Electric cooling and heating can improve your lifestyle

As explained above in this article, sleep is very important when it comes to our general well-being and quality of life. Furthermore, your room’s temperature is strongly linked to how well you sleep.

There are some easy solutions for seasonal ‘extreme’ temperatures. For winter you may add extra layers of sheets to your bed, while in summer you could open a window or two.

However, this is not an exact science for room temperature control. Dimplex offers a real solution with their range of portable (or fixed) heating and cooling systems.

Utilising smart technology, they have clever features such as ‘overheat cut out’, which is helpful for creating a set point temperature of 18 degrees. This will allow you to get a great night’s rest - and be ready for the day ahead.