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Rafiki Twinflex PLUS: Hard-Wired Fire Alarms for Shared and Student Housing

Rafiki Twinflex PLUS: Hard-Wired Fire Alarms for Shared and Student Housing

  2012-11-29         sparksdirect         Safety » Fire Safety,   Product News » Fire and Security News

Although we have covered the RadioLINK wireless fire alarms before, they're not really suited to larger properties like shared housing because of the increased distance between the devices.

This is a situation where a hard-wired (or "conventional") fire alarm system is recommended - it's much less likely to be interrupted due to interference and the limiting factor of distance is effectively negated.

Multipoint Detectors 

Every Multipoint detector contains an integral alarm sounder, so they are easily installed with just two wires. These advanced fire protection systems have seven modes of operation that allow for flexible smoke and heat detection wherever they are installed.

Whatever mode the devices are operating on, a Twinflex PLUS system is fully compliant with BS 5839 Parts 1 (2002) and 6 (2004).

And because each detector has a microprocessor running it, these are smart devices: they continuously monitor for dust contamination, and re-calibrate every six hours. It also means they can be controlled by a PC in a remote location.


The Twinflex system can be controlled via a remote control panel, which allows the user to divide the property into 2, 4 or 8 zones. Each of these zones can contain up to 32 detectors, strobes, and/or sounders, which can be accessed from a user-friendly panel or (for the 8-zone

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setup) a key switch.

The property can be divided into 2 "communal" and "dwelling" zones using the zoning facility.

Dwelling zones have the option of enabling the checkpoint function, which enables the user to set a period of up to 5 minutes in which a fire condition can be confirmed as genuine or unwanted - at the end of that period, the alarm will sound.

This offers a unique solution for fire safety in HMO properties such as student and shared housing. Before calibrating this function, the installer should consult with fire officers and/or other authorised bodies.

The Rafiki Twinflex PLUS is the ideal fire alarm system for HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) properties. But if you disagree, let us know in the comments.