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Rako RDF800-C Ceiling Light Dimmer 0-10V fluorescent(Rako wireless light dimmer)

Rako RDF800-C Ceiling Light Dimmer 0-10V fluorescent(Rako wireless light dimmer)

  2011-05-23         sparksdirect         Product News » Dimming Systems News

The Rako Wireless Controls RDF800-C Dimmer is a compact 800w RF dimmer for 1-10v analogue fluorescent loads. The unit is connected in-line before the first light fitting, to enable dimming of up to 800w of 1-10v dimmable loads.

You can also use the Rako RDF800-C for other 1-10v control applications, such as fibre optic projectors and analogue controlled LED transformers.

It can be controlled from any Rako RAKOM RF device, for example the RCP07W push button RF wall plate.

The Rako RDF800-C can be programmed using either an RCP07 RF wallplate or the RASOFT PC software suite, the unit stores the house, room and channel address plus four preset scene levels in non volatile memory.

Also, the Rako RDF800C Wireless Dimming Module can be controlled from any Rako transmitter such as RCP wallplates, RAH hand helds, MB1 timeclocks and forms the foundation of any Rako scene-set system.

The Rako Wireless RDF800-C Dimmer - Technical Specs

  • An 0-10V Fluorescent or LED dimmer, wireless dimmer / blob;
  • This is an 800W ceiling mount dimmer external aerial;
  • The RDF800C in-line RF 800w dimmer for 1-10v dimmable fluorescents;
  • Fluorescent and Switching Control Modules;
  • range: Temperature +2C to +40C;
  • Humidity: +5% to 95% non condensing;
  • Connections: 4 way screw terminals for mains power, 2 way screw terminals for ELV output;
  • Protection: Auto resetting over current protection, Auto thermal shutdown, Voltage surge protection;
  • Load types: 1-10v analogue dimmable fluorescents, 0-10v controllable fibre optic projectors, 0-10v controllable LED transformers;
  • Dimensions: 160x50x36mm; Input supply: 230V AC +/-10% 50Hz;
  • Weight: 230g; Housing: UL V0 material;
  • Minimum load: none; maximum load: 800w;
  • Terminal sizes: 2.5mm2;
  • Standards: EMC - EN 5001-1 :1992, Immunity - EN 50082-1 :1997;
  • Communication: Rakom coded fm radio, 433.9MHz;
  • Memory: Flash memory (non volatile);