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Rako Wireless Dimming Controls in the lounge and in the restaurants, pubs, and clubs

Rako Wireless Dimming Controls in the lounge and in the restaurants, pubs, and clubs

  2011-06-28         sparksdirect         Product News » Dimming Systems News

This article is a continuation of the one entitled, Rako Controls Provide Simple Lighting Control in a Sophisticated World, Whole House Control.

Previously, we have introduced how to have a whole house control with the amazing Rako Controls - now in this article there are some specific venues that can have their lighting controlled with the help of the Rako Dimmers.

The installation of most scene set dimmers today involves most of the time a complete rewiring. The Rako lighting control equipment overcomes this problem immediately making retro-fit simple.

Unlike the most conventional systems, the Rako control panels communicate with dimmer modules using wireless radio communication.

This allows the addressable dimmers to be fitted locally to the light fittings. With 65,000 possible addresses and a range of 15m, or 100m with a booster, the Rako Wireless Controls can accommodate the largest of schemes.

Each control panel can select up to 4 preset scenes plus off and has a master raise and lower. The system commissioning and the programming of scenes can be performed from the control panel, hand held or from your PC using the incorporated intuitive software.

Rako Wireless Controls in the lounge or in the home cinema room

Rako Wireless Dimmers - Rako Controls in the lounge or in the home cinema room

  • Control the Curtains, the blinds and the screens with the Rako Wireless Controls (top right corner): Integrate the control of curtains, blinds and screens into one single wall panel. The RACUB module takes care of the motor switching and can be activated from any of the Rako controllers.
  • Full System Integration with Rako Wireless Dimers (middle right): Integrate with multi room audio, security systems, PC and audio visual controllers. Bi-directional RS232 interfacing allows PC based systems and audio visual controllers to communicate with the Rako network.
  • Customised Control Panels with the Rako Lighting Controls (bottom right): Double gang control panels providing the capability for both lighting and curtain/blind or screen control on one panel. Special finishes available upon request.
  • Rako Wireless Dimming Solutions for Restaurants, Pubs, and Clubs

    Rako Controls - Wireless Dimming Solutions for Restaurants, Pubs, and Clubs

    • The Rako Dimmer Modules (top right corner): Rako modules simply wire in-line with the lighting circuit and can either be located in ceiling voids and fitted through a standard down-light cut out, or wired in-line and plugged into your nearest socket.
    • The Rako Wireless Dimmer Controls - Rako Control Panels(middle right): Choose from the range of contemporary wireless control panels to match functional needs and the interior, surface or flush mounted options have no necessity for back-boxes or wires of any sort.
    • The Load Types Rako Wireless Dimmers can take(bottom right): Rako has a dimmer to suit all load types including incandescent, low voltage, LEDs, colour changers, cold cathode, fluorescent and non-dimmed loads.
    Read more about the Rako Wireless Lighting Control modules and buy online the Rako Control devices via the Wireless Dimming Controls. [details taken from the brochure put out by Rako Controls - Whole House lighting Controls]