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Rako Wireless LED Dimmers, Controlling the LED lighting with Rako Dimmers and Modules

Rako Wireless LED Dimmers, Controlling the LED lighting with Rako Dimmers and Modules

  2011-05-03         sparksdirect         Product News » Dimming Systems News,   Lighting News

The LED lighting is becoming more and more widely used but until recently the LED light sources have given low lighting levels and have been used predominantly for local effect lighting.

As the levels of lighting have been low the necessity to dim the LEDs has been a low priority. With the increase of the application and usage of the LED lights / LED lighting in both domestic and commercial environments, it is is becoming increasingly necessary to have matching switches, dimmers, and wiring devices to control the LED lighting.

The LED Lamps capable of replacing 20-35w Tungsten halogen lamps are now being developed and the requirement for control and dimming has become more important.

These LED lamps are considerably more efficient than the Tungsten lamps, and they have long lamp lives - making this light source increasingly popular despite the expense.

All the LED lamps need an associated driver unit in order to limit the current driving the LED. Some newer lamps integrate the driver into the base of the lamp but many use a separate driver unit.

Many of the drivers are not able to be dimmed; however, some options are now becoming dimmable. There are two types of LED drivers:

  1. The Constant current - generally used for high wattage LEDs where the LEDs are wired in series.
  2. The Constant voltage - where low wattage LEDS are wired in parallel.
The Rako Wireless Dimming solutions offer some blobs / dimmers that match this need. The following list shows the different LED control options available from Rako:

  1. Rako Constant current single channel 18w - The Rako RLED18-1ACI Single Channel 18W LED driver, Constant Current 1 channel LED driver.
  2. The Rako Constant current three channel 36w - The Rako RLED36-3DCI Three Channel 36w LED Driver module, wireless dimming LED driver.
  3. The Rako DMX (for drivers requiring a DMX control input).
  4. The Rako 0-10v dimmer (for drivers requiring a 0-10v control input) - The Rako RDF800-C Ceiling Light Dimmer 0-10V fluorescent, wireless lighting controlled light dimmer.
  5. The Rako Mains dimmed using trailing edge dimmer.
  6. The Rako Non dimmed switching.
The single channel modules or outputs have the facility of 4 scenes, off plus manual raise/lower.

With modules designed for 3 colour LEDs the raise/lower buttons act as cycle start/stop buttons controlling a scrolling cycle through the 4 colours assigned to each of the scene buttons.

Rako offers a range of innovative wireless dimming solutions for both LED lights and other types of lighting.

We will soon come back with another article that introduces the main Rako Wireless LED dimmer devices - check them out at the Rako Wireless Controls section.