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Rako Wireless Lighting Controls - Scene lighting with the Rako Dimmers

Rako Wireless Lighting Controls - Scene lighting with the Rako Dimmers

  2011-04-14         sparksdirect         Product News » Dimming Systems News,   Lighting News

We have recently added to our website(and are in the process of adding details and prices) a new range of Wireless Lighting Controls, the Rako Dimmers. Rako is leading the way in providing state of the art digital dimming technology. Their innovative solutions meet the needs of a diverse range of applications by offering lighting systems that are simple to use, creative, easily installed and cost effective. As you would imagine, the people at Rako have all the basics right but where they tend to outsmart other offerings is through quick and effortless installation. Rako provides all the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system but without the hassle of re-wiring.

The Rako modules can be quickly and easily installed into any environment, domestic or commercial, from hotel bedrooms and function rooms to restaurants and churches. Put simply, Rako has no limits!
This article is a simple introduction to this range - we will continue to write about this amazing range / innovative technology - designed, manufactured, and made in Britain.

Why Scene Lighting?

Scene lighting has long been used in the commercial world for restaurants, conference facilities etc.

Gaining its name from the theatre where complex lighting changes are needed for each Scene, it allows users to recall a lighting mood by pressing one button rather than adjusting several rotary knob type dimmers. Push button control also allows two (or more) way control of lighting, hand held remotes and integration with home cinema, home automation or security systems.

All Rako dimmers will also offer soft start and voltage controlled maximum output which greatly improves the lamp life of incandescent and halogen lamp types.

How does the Rako Dimmer Work?

Each Rako dimmer (or channel in a RAK system) remembers four different level settings for each of the 4 possible lighting Scenes or Moods. When a button is pressed on a Rako wall-panel the message is transmitted via a coded Radio signal to the dimmer/receivers. Each dimmer then fades to the setting assigned for that button.

Rako Wireless Lighting Controls - Scene lighting with the Rako Dimmers - the scenes chart

When button two is pressed in the above example the lights in the room will cross fade to a setting with the wall-lights at 70% the downlighters at 20% the pendant at 50% and the uplight at 100%.

This might be, for example, the setting that is best for viewing TV. Other scenes could be for reading, general use and relaxing late at night with a glass of wine! Once a scene has been recalled its overall level can be adjusted using the raise/lower buttons. This is a temporary adjustment, the permanent scene levels are set by programming from the wall-panels, or by using the Rako software.

Why use the RF(radio frequency) control?

Most scene control systems dictate that the lighting circuits be bought back to a central dimmer box or rack and that the control panels are connected to this using data cabling. This is not normal domestic wiring and may well be undesirable for a new installation or even impossible for a retro-fit project.

Rako’s wireless system is designed so that the dimmer modules can be fitted into a standard domestic wiring scenario and the control panels communicate with the modules using RF signalling, thus eliminating the need for data cabling. A modular wireless system allows for easy expansion at a later stage.