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random observations: spam commenters making you smile before you

random observations: spam commenters making you smile before you

  2012-02-24         sparksdirect         Sparks Direct News » SEO updates

It's been a while since we talked about spam comments on our blog.

We finally managed to install the latest version of Wordpress and changed the theme - and this really helped, in the sense that we don't have THAT much spam comments...

But here and there, once in a blue moon, a comment comes into "pending" that makes you just SMILE.

We used to collect and list these "interesting comments", but they have now become trickier - now people aim just for "a name and a link" to post as a comment, no matter what comment.

So recently we started listing theses names (not the links!) so that we may SMILE together :) Of course, in the meantime they all got "trashed!" since, at the end of the day, these are SPAM comments!

Spam Commenters that make you smile

Here are some of the "real names" people who want to comment on our blogs would use:

  • ski goggles
  • Home security security systems offering alarm monitoring
  • dadaroatogs (louis vitton handbags for cheap)
  • DJapsheetetuff
  • Shefford plumbers
  • free discount cards
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  • Chinappitiota Adidas shoes discount
If you take a closer look, some of them are search engine keywords, others are unintelligible words, while others are simply random words.

Even though the value of such links has been much deprecated - just as the value of the links in tweets is not that important - why would people still try to place these comments?

Yes, the comments on a blog are very valuable, but not these random off-the-topic spam comments.

These people always amuse us. As long as there's the internet with free speech, and as long as there's a software called "wordpress" running on your website, there is a way for such automatic and rubbish spam comments to be posted (or tried to be posted) there.

Oh well, thank God for Akismet, our Spam Watch Dog, and part of the WordPress' own Jetpack!