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Remotely Dim and Control your LED Lights via an app with this Varilight Smart V-Pro Dimmer!

Remotely Dim and Control your LED Lights via an app with this Varilight Smart V-Pro Dimmer!

  2021-08-27         admin         Advice » Smart Home System Advice

We live in the age of smart devices - more and more smart devices are available on the market, and you can see some of them via our dedicated page.

And it is now even easier to remotely dim your LED lights via an app on your smartphone vith Varilight! We are not talking merely about the V-pro range of smart and intelligent range of LED dimmers which detect the LED lighting load.

No, we're speaking of the new Varilight V-pro Smart Supla dimmers which work with with your Android smartphone.

It's as easy as installing an app, sync-ing the app with the wall-mounted dimmer, renaming the dimmer, and then remotely dimming, switching ON or switching OFF your LED lamps!

About the Varilight V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches

If you look at these dimmer switches, they look like any other - there doesn't seem to be anything different outwardly. However, what is different is the smart innards.

The Varilight V-Pro Smart Intelligent Programmable Rotary/Wifi control dimmer switch is what the full title says - it is smart, it dims LED lamps, it is rotary, it connects to WiFi, and it works with 1-circuits.

For a 2-circuit or multi-way circuits it is recommended to use a V-Pro Smart Master Dimmer with one or more supplementary controllers.

About the Varilight V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches

This particular smart dimmer we're introducing right now has the following specs:

  • It is suitable for dimmable mains and low voltage LED lamps.
  • It takes 1-10 dimmable LEDs or max. 120W load. It is recommended to check your LED lamps if they are suitable for use with dimmers that have a standby mode. If they don't, a load regulator may be required, such as Varilight Glowfix.
  • It can switch and dim most dimmable LEDs
  • It is not suitable for non-dimmable fluorescent bulbs and tubes, wire-wound or toroidal transformers, or electric motors.
  • It has overload protection: if an overload occurs, it will automatically turn off until the overload is removed and the dimmer is switched off and then switched on back again.
  • It works with and can be controlled by an app which can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.
  • It can be operated remotely via an app, after it is properly set up.

Set up the Varilight V-Pro Smart intelligent Programmable Rotary/WiFi Control Dimmerswitch

We would recommend watching the video put out by Varilight - see the embedded video below - to have a quick guide for setting up the Varilight V-Pro Smart Supla dimmers with an Android device.

First of all, the dimmer has to be installed on the wall by a qualified and registered electrician, and there are wiring diagrams available (see the product link) for wiring instructions.

The main steps to be taken to set this smart LED dimmer are:

  1. Connect your dimmer: download the supla app from the google playstore; it shouldn't take more than a few seconds to search for it and download it. The direct link is here. Open the app, register with a username and password, check your email to confirm, and get all set up.
  2. Set up the dimmer: from the Supla app, add a new device, give all the permissions requested, enter the home wifi connection, and then pair the phone app with the dimmer. This needs to be done only initially, for the settings will remain saved after that. Once the dimmer is paired, the blue light is continual; when it is not paired, the blue light is flashing. Once the phone is connected to the dimmer, there's a steady blue light on the dimmer and a steady green light in the app.
  3. Name your dimmer and control it: simply hold down the name of the dimmer and rename it, and name the location it is in. You can now control the lights from your phone, and you can use either the wheel or the slider to dim up/down, and an on/off button.
It is so simple, isn't it? And once the dimmer is set up and running, you have the app to see whether it is ON or OFF, and you can remotely control it via WiFi.

You can purchase this Varilight V-Pro Smart intelligent Programmable Rotary/WiFi Control Dimmerswitch on our website here. Wiring instructions and installation manuals can also be found on our website.