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Review: Invicta 3 125A Distribution boards, the Invicta 125A, Commercial Energy Distribution solutions

  2009-11-25         admin         Product News » Electrical Items News
The Invicta 3 series of Commercial Energy Distribution solutions from Hager - the Hager Distribution Boards - can be either 125A or 250A. Based on what Hager writes on their site regarding the Invicta 125A Features Hager, we have compiled an article below with the main features of the 125A Distribution Boards from Hager, the Invicta 3 series. Read more about the Invicta 3 range from Hager: the new design and features of the Invicta 3 range, 4 reasons for specifying the Invicta 3 Type N boards, how the Invicta 3 Distribution Boards meet the needs of the 17th edition, and More features and benefits of Invicta Distribution Boards.
The Invicta 3 range offers a 125A panel board option (400A incoming and 125A outgoing), and a 250A panel board (800A incoming and 250A outgoing) option.

1. 125A Invicta 3 Distribution Boards Door Options - Overall reversible plain (or glazed) door with optional key locking facility. 2. The Hager Invicta 125A Type N Busbar System - Totally enclosed busbar system rated at 400A.

3. 125A Invicta 3 Distribution Boards Gland Plates - Removable gland plates (top and bottom). 4. The Hager Invicta 125A Type N Disconnect Facility - Wrap-around neutral bar with disconnect facility as standard.

5. 125A Invicta 3 Distribution Boards Steel Enclosures - Robust powder coated sheet steel enclosures. 6. The Hager Invicta 125A Type N Ease of Cabling - Wrap-around earth bars for ease of cabling.

Models of Hager Invicta 3 125A Distribution Boards found on our website: